Alan G. Thomas

Alan Thomas

Editorial Director, Humanities and Social Sciences



Subjects: Literature; literary studies; media and cultural studies; religious studies
Series: South Asia Across the Disciplines, Buddhism and Modernity, Religion and Postmodernism, TRIOS, Class 200: New Studies in Religion


I acquire scholarly and trade books in the humanities, particularly literature, religious studies, and cultural criticism. Literary non-fiction is a particular interest; books by Alice Kaplan, Sara Suleri, and J. M. G. Le Clézio were early acquisitions that shaped my list in this area. Recent general-interest books include Bengt Jangfeldt’s Mayakovsky: A Biography, Charles Bernstein’s The Pitch of Poetry, Robert Pogue Harrison’s Juvenescence: A Cultural History of Our Age, and David Shields’s Southern Provisions: The Creation and Revival of a Cuisine. Forthcoming are Alice Kaplan’s Looking for “The Stranger”: Albert Camus and the Life of a Literary Classic and Laura Dassow Walls’s biography of Henry David Thoreau.

The literary studies list includes strengths in poetics, digital culture, critical theory, and British, European, and American literary and cultural history. In religious studies, I focus on history of religions and the philosophy of religion, and acquire books for our series Class 200: New Studies in Religion, Buddhism and Modernity, and Religion and Postmodernism. Some current highlights from my scholarly list are Marjorie Perloff’s Edge of Irony: Modernism in the Shadow of the Hapbsburg Empire, W. J. T. Mitchell’s Image Science: Iconology, Visual Culture, and Media Aesthetics, Rita Felski’s The Limits of Critique, and Dipesh Chakrabarty’s The Calling of History.


I received my B.A. from Princeton and M.Phil. from Oxford, both in English, and joined the Press in 1983.

I am assisted by my long-time collaborator Randy Petilos, who for his part acquires complementary books in medieval studies and poetry in translation.

For occasional bulletins on publishing, the humanities, and photography, follow me on Twitter.


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