Interspecific Interactions

Christie Henry, Acquiring Editor
Interspecific Interactions publishes books that explore major conceptual issues in the ecology and evolution of interactions between or among species. Published works examine the processes that shape interspecific interactions and the patterns that result.  Series titles may use an interaction among a particular group of species as a touchstone for exploring broader questions, but the emphasis of each book will be on ecological and evolutionary patterns and processes that transcend any single interaction. Therefore series books will examine major issues in how interactions are shaped now, and have been developed over evolutionary time, by the demographic and genetic structure of populations, the geographic structure of species, and the ecological context in which a group or pair of species has interacted. Studies based on the fossil record as well as studies of extant species are welcome; books may draw on many areas within ecology, evolutionary biology, genetics, population biology, functional morphology and biomechanics, comparative physiology, behavior, systematics, conservation biology, and paleontology.

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