Literate Programming

Donald E. Knuth

Literate Programming
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Donald E. Knuth

Distributed for Center for the Study of Language and Information

384 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1992
Cloth $64.95 ISBN: 9780937073810 Published March 1992
Paper $32.50 ISBN: 9780937073803 Published June 1992
This anthology of essays from Donald Knuth, "the father of computer science," and the inventor of literate programming includes early essays on related topics such as structured programming, as well as The Computer Journal article that launched literate programming itself. Many examples are given, including excerpts from the programs for TeX and METAFONT. The final essay is an example of CWEB, a system for literate programming in C and related languages.

This volume is first in a series of Knuth's collected works.
1. Computer Programming as an Art
2. Structured Programming with go to Statements
3. A Structured Program to Generate All Topological Sorting Arrangements
4. Literate Programming
5. Programming Pearls: Sampling
6. Programming Pearls, Continued: Common Words
7. How to Read a WEB
8. Excerpts from the Programs for TeX and METAFONT
9. Mathematical Writing
10. The Errors of TeX
11. The Error Log of TeX
12. An Example of CWEB

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