Revisioning Natural Resource Management

Edited by Sumi Krishna

Edited by Sumi Krishna

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476 pages | 5 3/4 x 8 3/4 | © 2008
Paper $35.00 ISBN: 9789383074754 Published November 2014 World sales rights except India
Even in a realm that would seem to be as far removed from issues of gender as natural resource management, gender bias is pernicious and persistent, especially in India. Genderscapes looks at the reasons for this bias from a number of angles, including the socialization of attitudes, the shaping of community ideologies, and the construction of disciplines and research methodologies.

Sumi Krishna puts forward the novel concept of “genderscapes” to reflect the totality of women’s life worlds, and she builds her use of the concept on a group of rich case studies, including the caring practices of forest-dwellers, women’s knowledge of biodiversity, and their widespread responsibility for farming and food production. Women’s economic needs cannot be separated from their sociopolitical interests, Krishna shows—and only by looking at them as a whole can we solve the problem of discrimination.
Vasanth Kannabiran, Book Review
“Krishna’s volume weaving men and women into the environment…will be a valuable resource to…researchers, students, and activists.”
Soma Basu, Hindu
“Through rich case studies, [Krishna] unravels the caring practices of forest-dwellers, women’s knowledge of biodiversity, and their responsibilities in farming and food production.”
1. The Personal, Political and Professional
2. Clearing the Ground: Gender-Power Relations
3. Gender Perspectives/Approaches
4. The Natural Sciences: Recognizing Gender Bias
5. Gendered Dimension of Care among Forest-Dwellers of the Western Ghats
6. A Gendered Approach to Biodiversity Conservation
7. The Gendered Price of Agro-biodiversity in North-eastern India
8. ‘Mainstreaming’ Women in Resource Management
9. Reflections on Research and Research Methods
10. Revisioning Natural Resource Management
Appendix I Signposts: Essays
S1. Women on the farm: Holding up the ladder
S2. Adivasi women: Short-changed in local markets
S3. Women and environmental activisim: A patchwork quilt
S4. Ecofeminism: A review
S5. It’s time to clear the cobwebs! The gender impact of environmentalism
S6. Professional Women as Natural Resource Managers
S7. Gender and the Biodiversity Act: Some comments
S8. The ‘Earth Mother’ rides a bicycle! The changing rhetoric of folk art and craft
S9. The light shines through gossamer threads: Inside-outside political spaces: A narrative
Appendix II: Keywords
An Interpretive Glossary
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