Directory of World Cinema: China

Edited by Gary Bettinson

Directory of World Cinema: China
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Edited by Gary Bettinson

Distributed for Intellect Ltd

232 pages | 50 color plates | 7 x 10 | © 2012
Paper $36.00 ISBN: 9781841505589 Published June 2012

Commended for their social relevance and artistic value, Chinese films remain at the forefront of international cinema, bolstered in recent years by a new generation of talented young filmmakers. Directory of World Cinema: China presents an accessible overview of the definitive films of Hong Kong and mainland China, with particular attention to the achievements of prolific industry figures, the burgeoning independent sector, and the embrace of avant-garde practices of art cinema. Spanning a variety of characteristic genres, including horror, heroic bloodshed, romantic comedy, and kung-fu, reviews cover individual titles in considerable depth and are accompanied by a selection of full-color film stills. A comprehensive filmography and a bibliography of recommended reading complete this essential companion to Chinese cinema.

Introduction by the Editor

Chinese Opera and Cinema
Taiwanese Documentary
Hong Kong Action Cinema
Three Action Heroes
    David Chiang
    Chow Yun-fat
    Ti Lung
Three Female Stars
    Grace Chang
    Esther Eng
    Brigitte Lin
Hong Kong New Wave
    Allen Fong
    Ann Hui
    Patrick Tam
Directors: Mainland China
    Chen Kaige
    Lu Chuan
    Tian Zhuangzhuang
Directors: Taiwan
    Chu Yen-ping
    Hou Hsiao-hsien
    Tsai Ming-liang
Directors: Hong Knog
    Fruit Chan
    Wong Kar-wai
    John Woo
Drama: Mainland China
Drama: Taiwan
Kung Fu and Wuxia Pian (Swordplay Film): Hong Kong and Taiwan
Action Cinema and Heroic Bloodshed: Hong Kong
Independent and Art Cinema: Hong Kong
Comedy/Musical: Taiwan and Hong Kong
Documentary: Mainland China and Hong Kong

Recommended Reading
Online Resources
Test Your Knowledge
Notes on Contributors
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