Victorian People

A Reassessment of Persons and Themes, 1851-67

Asa Briggs

Victorian People
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Asa Briggs

Revised and illustrated edition
324 pages | 38 illustrations | © 1955, 1973
Paper $35.00 ISBN: 9780226074887 Published April 1975
E-book $30.00 ISBN: 9780226219479 Will Publish January 1900
This text looks at the people, ideas and events between the Great Exhibition of 1851 and the Second Reform Act of 1867. From "John Arthur Roebuck and the Crimean War", and "Samuel Smiles and the Gospel of Work" to "Thomas Hughes and the Public Schools" and "Benjanmin Disraeli and the Leap in the Dark", Asa Briggs provides an assessment of Victorian achievements; and in doing so conjures up an enviable picture of the progress and independence of the last century.

"For expounding this theme, this interaction of event and personality, Mr. Briggs is abundantly and happily endowed. He is always readable, often amusing, never facetious. He is widely read and widely interested. He has a sound historic judgment, and an unfailing sense for what is significant in the historic sequence and what is merely topical. . . . Above all, he is in sympathy with the age of which he is writing."—Times Literary Supplement
List of Illustrations
1. Introduction
2. The Crystal Palace and the Men of 1851
3. John Arthur Roebuck and the Crimean War
4. Trollope, Bagehot, and the English Constitution
5. Samuel Smiles and the Gospel of Work
6. Thomas Hughes and the Public Schools
7. Robert Applegarth and the Trade-Unions
8. John Bright and the Creed of Reform
9. Robert Lowe and the Fear of Democracy
10. Benjamin Disraeli and the Leap in the Dark
11. Epilogue
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