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Universalism without Uniformity

Explorations in Mind and Culture

Edited by Julia L. Cassaniti and Usha Menon

Universalism without Uniformity

Edited by Julia L. Cassaniti and Usha Menon

336 pages | 1 line drawing, 9 tables | 6 x 9 | © 2017
Paper $35.00 ISBN: 9780226501680 Will Publish October 2017
Cloth $105.00 ISBN: 9780226501543 Will Publish October 2017
E-book $35.00 ISBN: 9780226501710 Will Publish October 2017
One of the major issues in cultural psychology is how to take diversity seriously while also acknowledging our shared humanity. This collection brings together leading figures in the field of cultural psychology to consider that question, addressing the complex issues that underpin the interconnections between culture and the human mind.  
The contributors to Universalism without Uniformity make two fundamental points: first, that as humans we are motivated to find meaning in everything around us; and, second, that the cultural worlds we live in are constituted by our involvement in them. Therefore, we exist as human beings specifically because we interpret and make sense of the events and experiences of our lives—and we do so using the meanings and resources we draw from the cultural worlds that we have created through our thoughts and actions. Offering empirically driven research that takes psychological diversity seriously, Universalism without Uniformity breaks new ground in the interdisciplinary study of culture and mind.


Introduction: Universalism without Uniformity
Usha Menon and Julia Cassaniti

Part I: Breaking Down Barriers through the Study of Culture in the Study of Mind

One / Challenging Developmental Doctrines through Cross-Cultural Research
Robert A. LeVine

Two / How Cultural Psychology Can Help Us See “Divinity” in a Secular World
Jonathan Haidt and Paul Rozin

Three / Beyond Universal Taxonomic Frameworks in Cultural Social Psychology
Joan G. Miller

Four / From Value to Lifeworld
Roy D’Andrade

Part II: Psychological Processes across Culture: One Mind, Many Mentalities

Section 1: Emotion: A Multiplicity of Feeling

Five / “Kama Muta” or “Being Moved by Love”: A Bootstrapping Approach to the Ontology and Epistemology of an Emotion
Alan P. Fiske, Thomas Schubert, and Beate Seibt

Six / Unsettling Basic States: New Directions in the Cross-Cultural Study of Emotion
Julia Cassaniti

Seven / Rasa and the Cultural Shaping of Human Consciousness
Usha Menon

Section 2: Intersubjectivity: Social Trust, Interpersonal Attachment, and Agency

Eight / The Socialization of Social Trust: Cultural Pluralism in Understanding Attachment and Trust in Children
Thomas S. Weisner

Nine / An Attachment-Theoretical Approach to Religious Cognition
Charles W. Nuckolls

Part III: Implications of Psychological Pluralism for a Multicultural World: “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

Section 1: Challenges to the Modern Nation-State: Globalization’s Impact on Morality, Identity, and the Person

Ten / Acculturation, Assimilation, and the “View from Manywheres” in the Hmong Diaspora
Jacob R. Hickman

Eleven / Cultural Pluralism and Liberalism
Pinky Hota

Twelve / Equality, Not Special Protection: Multiculturalism, Feminism, and Female Circumcision in Western Liberal Democracies
Fuambai Ahmadu

Section 2: Mental Health: Variations in Healthy Minds across Cultures

Thirteen / Cultural Psychology and the Globalization of Western Psychiatric Practices
Randall Horton

Fourteen / Toward a Cultural Psychology of Trauma and Trauma-Related Disorders
Byron Good and Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good

Fifteen / The Risky Cartography of Drawing Moral Maps: With Special Reference to Economic Inequality and Sex-Selective Abortion
Richard A. Shweder


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