Lawrence C. Becker

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Lawrence C. Becker

446 pages | © 1986
Paper $34.00 ISBN: 9780226041063 Published August 1990
"Reciprocity is an exciting book—it forces its readers to rethink some important issues in recent moral philosophy."—Ruth Anna Putnam, Ethics

"By reciprocity Becker understands a complex disposition to make suitable return for the benefit we receive from others, to resist the harm others inflict on us rather than retaliate for it, and to make restitution for the harm we ourselves cause. . . . This is a clearly written book which makes fresh contributions to a number of topics."—A. D. M. Walker, Philosophical Books
A Note about Form
Part 1: Theory
Introduction to Part 1
1. The General Conception of Morality
2. Moral Theory
3. Reciprocity
4. Virtues and Priorities
5. Virtue, Social Structure, and Obligation
Part 2: Practice
Introduction to Part 2
6. Families
7. Future Generations
8. Law
Part 3: Scholium
Introduction to Part 3
Notes on Form
Notes to Chapter 1
Notes to Chapter 2
Notes to Chapter 3
Notes to Chapter 4
Notes to Chapter 5
Notes to Chapter 6
Notes to 'Friends'
Notes to Chapter 7
Notes to Chapter 8
Index of Names
Index of Subjects
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