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Poetics in a New Key

Interviews and Essays

Marjorie Perloff

Poetics in a New Key
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Marjorie Perloff

256 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2014
Paper $20.00 ISBN: 9780226199412 Will Publish October 2014 No Philappines Sales
E-book $20.00 ISBN: 9780226199559 Will Publish October 2014 No Philappines Sales
Marjorie Perloff writes in her preface to Poetics in a New Key that when she learned David Jonathan Y. Bayot wanted to publish a collection of her interviews and essays, she was “at once honored and mystified.”  But to Perloff’s surprise and her readers’ delight, the resulting assembly not only presents an accessible and provocative introduction to Perloff’s critical thought, but also highlights the wide range of her interests, and the energetic reassessments and new takes that have marked her academic career. 

The fourteen interviews in Poetics in a New Key—conducted by scholars, poets, and critics from the United States, Denmark, Norway, France, and Poland, including Charles Bernstein, Hélène Aji, and Peter Nicholls—cover a broad spectrum of topics in the study of poetry: its nature as a literary genre, its current state, and its relationship to art, politics, language, theory, and technology. Also featured in the collection are three pieces by Perloff herself: an academic memoir, an exploration of poetry pedagogy, and an essay on twenty-first-century intellectuals. But across all the interviews and essays, Perloff’s distinctive personality and approach to reading and talking resound, making this new collection an inspiring resource for scholars both of poetry and writing.
Charles Bernstein | University of Pennsylvania and author of "Recalculating"
“A compelling work, enthralling to read and filled with profound insight, provocations, and an awe-inspiring range of engagements and knowledge. Poetics in a New Key is the perfect companion to Perloff’s many books, but, more than that, it is an ideal introduction to her thought.”
                Marjorie Perloff
Part I: The Critic
1              Becoming a Critic: An Academic Memoir
2              A Critic of the Other Tradition
                Interview with Hélène Aji and Antoine Cazé
3              Marjorie Perloff On & Off the Page of Poetry
                Interview with Kristine Samson and Nikolaj Rønhede
Part II: A Poetics
4              The Alter(ed) Ground of Poetry and Pedagogy
                Conversation with Charles Bernstein
5              Mapping the New
                Interview with Rain Taxi Review of Books
6              Modernism / Postmodernism? Will the Real Avant-garde Please Stand Up!
                Interview with Jeffrey Side
7              (Un)Framing the other Tradition: On Ashbery and Others
                Interview with Grzegorz Jankowicz
8              Robert Lowell, Now and Then
                Conversation with David Wojahn
9              Futurism and Schism: Close Listening with Marjorie Perloff
                Interview with Charles Bernstein
10           The Challenge of Language
                Interview with Enrique Mallen
11           Conceptual Writing: A Modernist Issue
                Interview with Peter Nicholls
12           Still Making It New: Marjorie Perloff in Manifesto Mode
                Interview with Ellef Prestsæter
Part III: To Praxis
13           What is Poetry?
                Interview with Fulcrum
14           On Evaluation in Poetry
                Dialogue with Robert von Hallberg
15           Teaching Poetry in Translation: The Case for Bilingualism
16           The Internet Moment in the Life of Publishing
                Interview with Front Porch Magazine
17           The Intellectual in the 21st Century
                David Jonathan Y. Bayot
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