Leonard Bloomfield

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Leonard Bloomfield

580 pages | © 1933, 1961, 1984
Paper $46.00 ISBN: 9780226060675 Published October 1984
Perhaps the single most influential work of general linguistics published in this century, Leonard Bloomfield's Language is both a masterpiece of textbook writing and a classic of scholarship. Intended as an introduction to the field of linguistics, it revolutionized the field when it appeared in 1933 and became the major text of the American descriptivist school.
1. The Study of Language
2. The Use of Language
3. Speech-Communities
4. The Languages of the World
5. The Phoneme
6. Types of Phonemes
7. Modifications
8. Phonetic Structure
9. Meaning
10. Grammatical Forms
11. Sentence-Types
12. Syntax
13. Morphology
14. Morphologic Types
15. Substitution
16. Form-Classes and Lexicon
17. Written Records
18. The Comparative Method
19. Dialect Geography
20. Phonetic Change
21. Types of Phonetic Change
22. Fluctuation in the Frequency of Forms
23. Analogic Change
24. Semantic Change
25. Cultural Borrowing
26. Intimate Borrowing
27. Dialect Borrowing
28. Applications and Outlook
Table of Phonetic Symbols
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