Inflation, Tax Rules, and Capital Formation

Martin Feldstein

Inflation, Tax Rules, and Capital Formation
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Martin Feldstein

310 pages | © 1983
E-book $7.00 to $42.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226241791 Published May 2009

Inflation, Tax Rules, and Capital Formation brings together fourteen papers that show the importance of the interaction between tax rules and monetary policy. Based on theoretical and empirical research, these papers emphasize the importance of including explicit specifications of the tax system in such study.

1. An Introductory Overview

Part I Inflation and Tax Rules in Macroeconomic Equilibrium

2. A Summary of the Theoretical Models
3. Inflation, Income Taxes, and the Rate of Interest: A Theoretical Analysis
4. Inflation and Taxes in a Growing Economy with Debt and Equity Finance (Jerry Green)
5. Fiscal Policies, Inflation, and Capital Formation
6. Inflation, Tax Rules, and the Accumulation of Residential and Nonresidential Capital

Part II Inflation and Effective Tax Rules

7. Inflation and the Excess Taxation of Capital Gains on Corporate Stock (Joel Slemrod)
8. Inflation and the Taxation of Capital Income in the Corporate Sector (Lawrence Summers)

Part III Interest Rates and Asset Yields

9. Inflation, Tax Rules, and the Long-term Interest Rate (Lawrence Summers)
10. Inflation and the Stock Market
11. Inflation, Tax Rules, and the Stock Market
12. Inflation, Tax Rules, and the Prices of Land and Gold
13. Inflation, Portfolio Choice, and Prices of Land and Corporate Stock

Part IV The Effect on Investment

14. Inflation, Tax Rules, and Investment

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