The Futurist Moment

Avant-Garde, Avant Guerre, and the Language of Rupture, with a New Preface

Marjorie Perloff

The Futurist Moment
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Marjorie Perloff

336 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2003
Paper $27.50 ISBN: 9780226657387 Published December 2003
Marjorie Perloff's stunning book was one of the first to offer a serious and far-reaching examination of the momentous flourishing of Futurist aesthetics in the European art and literature of the early twentieth century. Offering penetrating considerations of the prose, visual art, poetry, and carefully crafted manifestos of Futurists from Russia to Italy, Perloff reveals the Moment's impulses and operations, tracing its echoes through the years to the work of "postmodern" figures like Roland Barthes. This updated edition, with its new preface, reexamines the Futurist Moment in the light of a new century, in which Futurist aesthetics seem to have steadily more to say to the present.
List of Illustrations
Preface 2003
Preface 1985
1. Profond Aujourd'hui
2. The Invention of Collage
3. Violence and Precision: The Manifesto as Art Form
4. The Word Set Free: Text and Image in the Russian Futurist Book
5. Ezra Pound and "The Prose Tradition in Verse"
6. Deus ex Machina: Some Futurist Legacies
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