Buying the Night Flight

The Autobiography of a Woman Foreign Correspondent

Georgie Anne Geyer

Buying the Night Flight
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Georgie Anne Geyer

With a new Preface
400 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1983, 1996, 2001
Paper $26.00 ISBN: 9780226289915 Published August 2001
Buying the Night Flight is Georgie Anne Geyer's retelling of her thrilling rise from cub reporter to foreign correspondent as she made her way into the male-dominated world of journalism. Geyer transports the reader to Guatemala, Cuba, Egypt, Russia, and Cambodia, recounting the history and politics, adventure and exhaustion of the time from a truly unique perspective. Told with brilliance and dead-on honesty, this book vividly captures the triumphs of a determined and talented young reporter.
I. To Die in Guatemala
II. Starting on the South Side
III. From the Streets of Chicago to the Whorehouses of Peru
IV. Santo Domingo: "You Didn't Have to Be Here"
V. New Cuba, Old Cuba
VI. Chile: Reform and Despair
VII. Che in Bolivia: They Made Him the Stranger
VIII. USSR: The Well-Fed Wolf
IX. Man of Steel
X. Men of Iron
XI. Entering the World of International Terrorism
XII. A Western Woman in Islam
XIII. Avida and Kernal
XIV. You Are Not in Our Plans
XV. Covering the Khomeinis and Their Dark Worlds
XVI. Buying the Night Flight
XVII. On Becoming a Columnist
XVIII. Other Worlds Traveled: From Ideals to Images
XIX. The Cold War Ends: And the World "Just Keeps Going"
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