Architecture of the Well-Tempered Environment

Reyner Banham

Architecture of the Well-Tempered Environment
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Reyner Banham

2d edition, revised
320 pages | 7 x 7-1/2 | © 1969, 1984
Paper $45.00 ISBN: 9780226036984 Published December 1984
Reyner Banham was a pioneer in arguing that technology, human needs, and environmental concerns must be considered an integral part of architecture. No historian before him had so systematically explored the impact of environmental engineering on the design of buildings and on the minds of architects. In this revision of his classic work, Banham has added considerable new material on the use of energy, particularly solar energy, in human environments. Included in the new material are discussions of Indian pueblos and solar architecture, the Centre Pompidou and other high-tech buildings, and the environmental wisdom of many current architectural vernaculars.
1. Unwarrented apology
2. Environmental management
3. A dark satanic century
4. The kit of parts: heat and light
5. Environments of large buildings
6. The well-tempered home
7. The environment of the machine aesthetic
8. Machines à habiter
9. Towards full control
10. Concealed power
11. Exposed power
12. A range of methods
13. A breath of intelligence
Readings in environmental technology
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