Aging Issues in the United States and Japan

Edited by Seiritsu Ogura, Toshiaki Tachibanaki, and David A. Wise

Aging Issues in the United States and Japan
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Edited by Seiritsu Ogura, Toshiaki Tachibanaki, and David A. Wise

352 pages | 85 line drawings, 105 tables | 6 x 9 | © 2001
Cloth $113.00 ISBN: 9780226620817 Published September 2001
E-book $7.00 to $113.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226620831 Published November 2007
The population base in both the United States and Japan is growing older and, as those populations age, they provoke heretofore unexamined economic consequences. This cutting-edge, comparative volume, the third in the joint series offered by the National Bureau of Economic Research and the Japan Center for Economic Research, explores those consequences, drawing specific attention to four key areas: incentives for early retirement; savings, wealth, and asset allocation over the life cycle; health care and health care reform; and population projections.

Given the undeniable global importance of the Japanese and U.S. economies, these innovative essays shed welcome new light on the complex correlations between aging and economic behavior. This insightful work not only deepens our understanding of the Japanese and American economic landscapes but, through careful examination of the comparative social and economic data, clarifies the complex relation between aging societies, public policies, and economic outcomes.



1. Choice, Chance, and Wealth Dispersion
at Retirement

2. Household Portfolio Allocation over the Life Cycle

3. The Social Security System and the Demand
of Personal Annuity and Life Insurance:
An Analysis of Japanese Microdata, 1990 and 1995

4. An Empirical Invesitigation of Intergenerational
Consumption Distribution: A Comparison
among Japan, the United States, and
the United Kingdom

5. The Third Wave in Health Care Reform

6. Concentration and Persistence of Health
Care Costs for the Aged

7. The Effects of Demographic Change
on Health and Medical Expenditures:
A Simulation Analysis

8. Choice among Employer-Provided Insurance Plans

9. Employees' Pension Benefits and the Labor Supply
of Older Japanese Workers, 1980s-1990s

10. The Motivations for Business Retirment Policies

11. Promotion, Incentives, and Wages

12. What Went Wrong with the 1991-92 Official
Population Projection of Japan?

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