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The Chicago Booth at ISA

ISA logoThe University of Chicago Press is disppointed not to be in Honolulu for the ISA. We will miss seeing friends and colleagues. Not to mention a bit of beach time.

On this page is the list of books that would have filled our booth at ISA. All are available to you at the meeting discount of 30% off list plus free shipping. Click on the buy buttons below and use the promotional code EX56583 in the shopping cart to get 30% off physical books. We will ship as soon as practical—most paperbacks will ship within a few days, and some paperbacks and all hardcover books will be backordered and shipped later. The offer is valid until May 28, 2020. Our printed exhibit order form is also available in PDF format; the titles in the order form are hyperlinked to the book product pages for easy browsing.

You can also place your order using our shopping cart or you can print out the form and mail it to us; we will ship when our warehouse re-opens.

All University of Chicago Press e-books are available for immediate delivery at 30% off list price when you use promo code EBOOK30.

Books in this field are acquired by Chuck Myers.

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Blood Runs Green

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Blood Runs Green

The Murder That Transfixed Gilded Age Chicago

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