Paper $30.00 ISBN: 9780859896887 Published January 2002 For sale in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand only

West Britons

Cornish Identities and the Early Modern British State

Mark Stoyle

West Britons

Mark Stoyle

Distributed for University of Exeter Press

288 pages | illustrations | 9 1/10 x 6
Paper $30.00 ISBN: 9780859896887 Published January 2002 For sale in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand only
West Britons provides a fresh interpretation of the bloodiest, most devastating years in Cornwall’s history and a wholly new perspective on the history of the far South West of Britain. The book explores the unprecedented series of rebellions which took place in Cornwall between 1497 and 1648, traces the connections which existed between those revolts and the contemporary Cornish perception of themselves as a separate ’people’, and argues that Cornish history must be viewed within a ’British’, rather than a purely English context.
West Britons will be required reading for all those who are engaged in the contemporary political and historical debate over ’Britishness’. The book also includes transcriptions of a number of previously unpublished documents, useful to teachers and their students, and a list of some 300 Cornish Royalist officers, of special interest to Civil War enthusiasts and genealogists.

1. ‘The Dissidence of Despair’: Rebellion and Identity in Early Modern Cornwall

2. ‘Knowest Thou My Brood?’: Locating the Cornish in Tudor and Stuart England

3. ‘England No England But Babel’: English Nationalism and the English Civil War
4. ‘Pagans or Paragons?’: Images of the Cornish during the English Civil War

5. ‘The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel’: Sir Richard Grenville and Cornish Particularism

6. ‘The Gear Rout’: The Cornish Rising of 1648 and the Second Civil War

7. William Scawen: A Seventeenth-Century Cornish Patriot

8. ‘A Monument of Honour’: The Cornish Royalist Tradition after 1660


1. ‘A Gratulacion to Cornish Men’, October 1642

2. The Parliamentarian summons to Cornwall, September 1645

3. The King’s Cornish Regiments, 1642–1646

4. Extracts from William Scawen’s Antiquities Cornu-Britannic
Review Quotes
Devon Historian

“A major contribution both to the history of Cornwall and the south-west and more generally to our understanding of the early modern period and in particular what must now be regarded as the British Civil War. And the book is as enjoyable to read as it is scholarly.” –Devon Historian, Oct 2002


“A coherent body of essays on the peculiar nature of the Cornish experience during the turbulent years on both sides of the Tamar during the two early modern centuries.” –Cromwelliana, 2000

English Historical Review

“Stimulating and provocative.” –English Historical Review, Vol. 117, No. 473, Sept 2002

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