We the Peoples of Europe

We the Peoples of Europe

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224 pages | 4.92126 x 6.9685 | © 2008
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Is the EU Constitution dead in the water?

Although it may have disappeared from the headlines, right-wing European leaders have not given up on pushing through a binding EU text providing total freedom for goods, services and capital but few advantages for Europeans. A more neo-liberal anti-democratic document than the one rejected by the French and the Dutch may be hard to imagine, but the new reform treaty tries hard. What do they have in store for us? What should European people be fighting for?

Leading writer and alter-globalisation activist Susan George explains what is at stake for all peoples of Europe. What must we reject and how will such a document affect our lives? Who will it really empower--corporations or ordinary Europeans? What kind of future do we want to build together as Europeans? Written with clarity and authority, We the Peoples of Europe will help you make up your own mind.
Foreword by Robert Ballagh

1. The War on Society 
Accumulating wealth
Hatred of democracy
Birth of a monster
Break the power of the State
The true pro-Europeans vs. the elites

2. They Voted 'Yes', or, Surviving On A Diet of Humble Pie
Complexity and disinformation
The “Yes” camp on the right
The “Yes” camp on the “left”
A few leading Socialist lights
The Socialist Euro-MPs
The European Trade Union Confederation
The French Socialist Party brass
Another prominent-and snubbed-Socialist

3. The Common Good: Towards an Alternative Europe 
Plan B and the new Treaty
What must we do?
New directions, major reorientations
The main principles
Some specifies
A successful alternative Europe project: the major challenges

4. Europe as a Geopolitical Power
The proposals of the Economic Defence Council
Power and weakness: Robert Kagan’s analysis
Our real needs
The other fields of power

5. The Environmental Challenge 
The facts
The excellence of apes
Civilisations are mortal

6. Social Insecurity 
The seven pillars of security
The security index

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