Cloth $40.00 ISBN: 9781861897794 Published September 2010 For sale in North and South America only
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War and Peace

Ireland since the 1960s

Christine Kinealy

War and Peace

Christine Kinealy

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414 pages | 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 | © 2010
Cloth $40.00 ISBN: 9781861897794 Published September 2010 For sale in North and South America only
E-book $40.00 ISBN: 9781780231136 Published June 2013

In War and Peace:Ireland Since 1960, Christine Kinealy explores the political triumphs and travails in Ireland over the last five decades. War and Peace provides a thorough and up-to-date account of the unfolding of “The Troubles,” the three decades of violence and social unrest between the Catholic nationalists and the Protestant unionists. In addition, Kinealy examines the Republic of Ireland’s entry into the European Union in 1973, its often contentious relationship with England, and the changes in emigration during the period. Of additional interest to Kinealy is the effect of the women’s movement, which has given rise to the election of two female presidents, proving Ireland’s ability to accept and internalize change.

Irish Phrases and Abbreviations

1   Fault Lines
2   Troubles
3   War
4   Implosion
5   Stalemate
6   Hunger
7   Overtures
8   Ceasefire
9   Endgame
Epilogue: Aftershock

Review Quotes
South Belfast News

“Most now know the sorry tale of how suppression of civil rights led to disorder on the streets, how British troops moved from protectors to aggressors, how Bloody Sunday, the hunger strikes, the Anglo-Irish Agreement, and then the Good Friday Agreement sent major convulsions then grudging acceptance through large sections of our society. All this Christine Kinealy covers with clarity and energy, and with a quiet authority that’s rare . . . If you know someone whose mind needs opening and/or who’s in need of an absorbing Christmas read, buy this book. They don’t come much better than this.”


“Kinealy provides a comprehensive examination of the effects of the Troubles in the evolution of the recent history of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Writing from a perspective that focuses on the civil rights aspects of the conflict, the author explores the narrative of events in a well-researched, well-written manner. It is especially enriching to learn from her how the cultural, literary, and musical fields influenced and responded (or sometimes did not respond) to the Troubles. . . . Highly recommended.”

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