Third World, Second Sex (Volume 1)

Miranda Davies

Third World, Second Sex (Volume 1)

Miranda Davies

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264 pages | 5.4375 x 8.5
Paper $40.95 ISBN: 9780862320294 Published December 1984 For sale in North and South America only
Third World - Second Sex brings together women's organizations from over 20 Third World countries giving voice to their own experiences and perspectives. This important book reflects, as a result, the accelerating pace of women's struggles in countries as diverse as India and El Salvador, Oman and Mauritius, Chile and Zimbabwe.

The issues these women face include their role in national liberation movements and armed struggles; the need, or otherwise, for an autonomous women's movement in Third World Countries; and the changing position of women after a revolutionary transition. They also give accounts of specific feminist campaigns against malviolence, against company exploitation, and in the area of women and health.

This book reveals how Third World women are confronting traditional male-dominated structures with courage and initiative. The experiences of this new generation of women's movements can contribute to an understanding among other Third World women of their problems and how to analyse and solve them. It also adds a rich new dimension to women's perspectives elsewhere in the world.

A useful listing of women's organizations worldwide is also included.


I. Women, Politics and Organization
1. Drought: 'God-Sent' or 'Man-Made' Disaster? - Manushi Collective (India)
2. Women and Politics in Lebanon - Yolla Polity Sharara
3. Roles and Contradictions of Chilean Women in the Resistance and in Exile - Gladys Diaz
4. Women and Organization - Domitila Barrios de la Chungara (Bolivia)

II. The Role of Women in National Liberation Movements
5. Fighting on Two Fronts: Conversations with Palestinian Women - Soraya Antonius
6. Women and Liberation in Zimbabwe - Jane Ngwenya
7. Women in Namibia: The Only Way to Free Ourselves... - Ellen Musialela
8. Women's Lives in El Salvador - Miriam Galdemez

III. The Experience of Armed Struggle
9. For Years of Armed Struggle in Zimbabwe - Nyasha and Rose
10. Women and Revolution in Eritrea - National Union of Eritrean Women
11. Women and Revolution in Oman - Omani Women's Organization

IV. After the Revolution
12. Mozambican Women After the Revolution - Anabella Rodriguez
13. Building a New Life for Women in South Yemen - Aisha Moshen and Noor Ba'abad
14. Iranian Women: The Struggle Since the Revolution - London Iranian Women's Liberation Group
15. Women in the New Grenada - Patsy Romain
16. Women in Nicaragua: How We Are Organized - AMNLAE

V. An Autonomous Women's Movement?
17. Why an Autonomous Women's Movement? - Paris Latin American Women's Group
18. The Anti-Rape Movement and Issues Facing Autonomous Women's Organizations in India - Vibhuti, Suhata, Padma (Forum Against Rape)
19. An Independent Women's Movement in Mauritius - Muvman Liberasyon Fam

VI. The Struggle Against Violence
20. War Against Rape: A Report from Karimnagar - Stree Shakti Sanghatana (India)
21. Indian Women Speak Out Against Dowry - Extracts from Manushi

VII. Women and Health
22. A Statement on Genital Mutilation - AAWORD
23. Report of a Workshop on 'Women, Health and Reproduction' - Mira Savara (India)
24. We Must All Speak Out - ALIMUPER (Peru)

VIII. Women Workers Fight Back
25. Outcries of the Poor Workers: an Appeal from South Korea - Asian Women's Liberation Newsletter
26. Lucy, Peru: When Women Persist in their Fight... - Mujer y Sociedad
27. The Night Shift for Women? - Voice of Women (Sri Lanka)
28. Adivasi Women in the Warpath - Vibhuti Patel (India)

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