Social justice and public policy

Seeking fairness in diverse societies

Edited by Gary Craig, Tania Burchardt, and David Gordon

Social justice and public policy

Edited by Gary Craig, Tania Burchardt, and David Gordon

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Social justice is a contested term, incorporated into the language of widely differing political positions. Those on the left argue that it requires intervention from the state to ensure equality, at least of opportunity; those on the right believe that it can be underpinned by the economics of the market place with little or no state intervention. To date, political philosophers have made relatively few serious attempts to explain how a theory of social justice translates into public policy.This important book, drawing on international experience and a distinguished panel of political philosophers and social scientists, addresses what the meaning of social justice is, and how it translates into the everyday concerns of public and social policy, in the context of both multiculturalism and globalisation.

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Tania Burchardt and Gary Craig

1              Social justice and public policy: a view from political philosophy

                Jonathan Wolff

2              Social justice and public policy: a social policy perspective

                David Piachaud

3              Multiculturalism, social justice and the welfare state

                Will Kymlicka

4              Structural injustice and the politics of difference

                Iris Marion Young

5              Recognition and voice: the challenge for social justice

                Ruth Lister

6              Globalisation, social justice and the politics of aid

                Christopher Bertram

7              Social justice and the family

                Harry Brighouse and Adam Swift

8              Children, policy and social justice

                David Gordon

9              Social justice in the UK: one route or four?

                Katie Schmuecker

10            Monitoring inequality: putting the capability approach to work

                Tania Burchardt

11            The limits of compromise? Social justice, ‘race’ and multiculturalism

                Gary Craig

12            Understanding environmental justice: making the connection between

                sustainable development and social justice

                Maria Adebowale


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