Restructuring Public Transport through Bus Rapid Transit

An International and Interdisciplinary Perspective

Edited by Juan Carlos Munoz and Laurel Paget-Seekins

Restructuring Public Transport through Bus Rapid Transit

Edited by Juan Carlos Munoz and Laurel Paget-Seekins

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320 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2016
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Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is increasingly being discussed as an affordable way for cities to build sustainable rapid transit infrastructure. This is the first book to examine the opportunities presented by BRT along with the significant challenges cities face in the implementation of successful systems. The difficulties can be myriad: new institutional relationships have to be developed among governments, operators, and the public; projects have to be designed and implemented to handle large passenger flows in the most efficient manner possible; and these changes are not taking place on a blank slate, but within existing transportation systems, political and cultural contexts, and urban development patterns. Addressing these challenges from an international perspective and across a range of disciplines, from urban planning to public policy and economics, contributors offer technical solutions to specific problems and identify what still needs to be done to realize their vision of global sustainable transport.
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Notes on the editors and contributors

1. The promise of BRT 
Laurel Paget-Seekins & Juan Carlos Munoz

2. Global overview of BRT and bus corridors 
Luis Antonio Lindau, Cristina Albuquerque Moreira da Silva, Guillermo Petzhold & Daniela Facchini

Section 1: Institutional Relationships
3. The path toward integrated systems
Dario Hidalgo, Juan Carlos Munoz & Juan Miguel Velásquez

4. BRT as a tool for negotiated re-regulation
Onesimo Flores Dewey

5. Institutional design and regulatory frameworks 
Rosário Macário, Maria Spandou & Luis Neves Filipe

6. Strategic participation for change 
Lake Sagaris

7. Designing bus concession contracts 
Patricia Galilea & Marco Batarce

8. Fare structures 
Marco Batarce & Corinne Mulley

Section 2: BRT and the City
9. Conflict over public space 
Laurel Paget-Seekins

10. Designing BRT-oriented development 
Chris Zegras, Anson Stewart, Rosanna Forray, Rocío Hidalgo, Cristhian Figueroa, Fábio Duarte & Jan Wampler

11. Preferences for BRT and light rail 
David Hensher, Corinne Mulley & John Rose

12. User preferences and route choice 
Sebastián Raveau, Juan Carlos Munoz & Juan de Dios Ortúzar

13. Passenger information systems 
Carola Zurob, José Manuel Allard, Rosário Macário, Bernardo Garcia and Camila Garcia

Section 3: Operations and Design
14. Opportunities provided by automated data collection systems
Nigel Wilson

15. Designing a BRT-based network under integrated operations
Homero Larrain, Omar Ibarra, Juan Carlos Munoz & Corinne Mulley

16. Assessing corridor performance 
Juan Carlos Herrera, Juan Carlos Munoz, David Hensher, Corinne Mulley, Zheng Li & Luis Antonio Lindau

17. BRRT: adding an R for reliability 
Felipe Delgado, Juan Carlos Munoz & Ricardo Giesen

18. Managing drivers and vehicles for cost-effective operations in regulated transit systems
Omar Ibarra &Ricardo Giesen

19. Road safety impact of BRT and busway features
Nicolae Duduta & Luis Antonio Lindau

20. Looking forward
Juan Carlos Munoz, Laurel Paget-Seekins

Review Quotes
Fred Salvucci, former Secretary of Transportation for Massachusetts
“This is a must-read for those who wish to invest the time, intellectual energy, and building of political will required for bus rapid transit to help foster more sustainable cities.”
Peter White, University of Westminster, UK
“A very thorough and comprehensive review of the role of bus rapid transit, drawing on a wide range of in-depth research. Set in a broader institutional and policy context, the issues discussed are of wider application to public transport operation as a whole.”
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