Phoenix cities

The fall and rise of great industrial cities

Anne Power, Jörg Plöger, and Astrid Winkler

Phoenix cities

Anne Power, Jörg Plöger, and Astrid Winkler

Distributed for Bristol University Press

432 pages
Paper $56.00 ISBN: 9781847426833 Published March 2010 For sale in North and South America only
’Weak market cities’ across European and America, or ’core cities’ as they were in their heyday, went from being ’industrial giants’ dominating their national, and eventually the global, economy, to being ’devastation zones’. In a single generation three quarters of all manufacturing jobs disappeared, leaving dislocated, impoverished communities, run down city centres and a massive population exodus.So how did Europeans react? And how different was their response from America’s? This book looks closely at the recovery trajectories of seven European cities from very different regions of the EU. Their dramatic decline, intense recovery efforts and actual progress on the ground underline the significance of public underpinning in times of crisis. Innovative enterprises, new-style city leadership, special neighbourhood programmes and skills development are all explored. The American experience, where cities were largely left ’to their own devices’, produced a slower, more uncertain recovery trajectory. This book will provide much that is original and promising to all those wanting to understand the ground-level realities of urban change and progress.
Part one: The tale of seven cities
Introduction: what are weak market cities?
Industrial giants: emerging on the back of history
A change in direction: political turmoil and a ferment of new ideas
Neighbourhood interventions: can small scale make a difference in big cities?

Part two: Learning from 50 years of boom and bust: seven European case studies

Part three: Are weak market cities recovering or struggling?
Towards a recovery framework

Part four: What can European cities learn from the American experience of urban industrial decline and post-industrial recovery initiatives?
How do American weak market cities compare with Europe?
Will American cities recover?
What are the lessons for Europe?

Part five: Conclusions
What do European cities teach us?
Where does the future lie?
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