Open Secrets: Israeli Foreign and Nuclear Policies

Israel Shahak

Open Secrets: Israeli Foreign and Nuclear Policies

Israel Shahak

Distributed for Pluto Press

208 pages | 5.31496 x 8.46457
Paper $40.00 ISBN: 9780745311517 Published April 1997 For Sale in All Americas and the Caribbean except Canada

‘As a critic of Zionism and as an opponent of Jewish exclusivity, Israel Shahak is special. He possesses in-depth knowledge of Israeli society, Jewish culture and the history of his people. His humanitarian concerns and commitments are extensive; his work as a human rights campaigner ... is enormous ... Shahak provides insights [in Open Secrets] that are often far more penetrating than what has been written by others ... Little of the information and few of the insights in Open Secrets can be found in other books that focus on Israel and the Middle East ... Open Secrets is an excellent book for required reading in History, political science and/or international affairs courses in which there is consideration of Israel in the Middle East.’ The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Foreword by Christopher Hitchens


Part I Censorship

1. The Struggle Against Military Censorship and the Quality of the Army

Part II Foreign Relations

2. Israel Strategic Aims and its Nuclear Weapons
3. Syrian Cities and Relations with Saddam Hussein
4. Israel Versus Iran
5. Israel Foreign Policy After the Oslo Agreement
6. Coalition Building Against Iran
7. Israeli Foreign Policy, August 1994
8. Israeli Policies Towards Iran and Syria

Part III Israeli Foreign Trade

9. Trade Between Israel and the Arab States
10. Israel Trade with Arab Countries: Drugs and Vegetables

Part IV American Jews

11. Israel and the Organised American Jews
12. The Pro-Israeli Lobby in the US and the Inman Affair

Part V Oslo and After

13. The Real Significance of the Oslo Accord
14. Analysis of Israeli Policy: The Priority of the Ideological Factor

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