New Labour/hard labour?

Restructuring and resistance inside the welfare industry

Edited by Gerry Mooney and Alex Law

New Labour/hard labour?

Edited by Gerry Mooney and Alex Law

Distributed for Bristol University Press

312 pages
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There are an increasing number of studies devoted to an examination of New Labour’s social policies. However, thus far there has been little in the way of substantive discussion of opposition to and conflict around key elements of New Labour’s agenda for the welfare state and public sector, from those who are involved in the frontline implementation and delivery of welfare policies. Since the mid to late 1990s, there have been continual and recurring episodes of industrial action of various kinds involving social workers, teachers, lecturers, nurses, hospital ancillary staff, nursery nurses, home helps and local authority librarians among others. Welfare delivery has become a central point of industrial relations disputes in the UK today. This book provides the first critically informed discussion of work and workers in the UK welfare sector under New Labour. It examines the changing nature of work and explores the context of industrial relations across the welfare industry. While the main focus is on the workforce in state welfare, this is set within the context of recent and current shifts in the mixed economy of welfare between state, private and third sector organisations.

New Labour, ’modernisation’ and welfare worker resistance

~ Gerry Mooney and Alex Law

Strenuous welfarism: restructuring the welfare labour process

~ Alex Law and Gerry Mooney

A ’Third Way’? Industrial relations under New Labour

~ Peter Bain and Phil Taylor

Acts of distrust? The experiences of support workers in PFI hospital schemes

 ~ Sally Ruane

Control and resistance at the ward-face: contesting the nursing labour process

~ Peter Kennedy and Carole Kennedy

’I didn’t come into teaching for this!’ The impact of the market on teacher professionalism

~ Henry Maitles

Ambiguities and resistance: academic labour and the commodification of higher education

~ Alex Law and Hazel Work

The paradox of professionalisation and degradation in welfare work: the case of nursery nurses

 ~ Gerry Mooney and Tricia McCafferty

Social work today: a profession worth fighting for?

~ Michael Lavalette

Working ’for’ welfare in the grip of the ’Iron’ Chancellor: modernisation and resistance in the Department for Work and Pensions

 ~ Tricia McCafferty and Gerry Mooney

Working in the non-profit sector: contract culture, partnership, compacts and the ’shadow state’

~ Lynne Poole

Beyond New Labour: work and resistance in the new welfare state

~ Alex Law and Gerry Mooney

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