Cloth $100.00 ISBN: 9780859898508 Published February 2015 For sale in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand only

The Maritime History of Cornwall

Edited by Philip Payton, Alston Kennerley, and Helen Doe

The Maritime History of Cornwall

Edited by Philip Payton, Alston Kennerley, and Helen Doe

Distributed for University of Exeter Press

496 pages | 28 color plates, 73 halftones, 30 tables | 8 x 10 1/2
Cloth $100.00 ISBN: 9780859898508 Published February 2015 For sale in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand only

Cornwall is quintessentially a maritime region.  Almost an island, nowhere in it is further than 25 miles from the sea.  Cornwall’s often distinctive history has been molded by this omnipresent maritime environment, while its strategic position at the western approaches—jutting out into the Atlantic—has given this history a global impact.  It is perhaps surprising then, that, despite the central place of the sea in Cornwall’s history, there has not yet been a full maritime history of Cornwall.  The Maritime History of Cornwall sets out to fill this gap, exploring the rich and complex maritime inheritance of this unique peninsula.


In a beautifully illustrated volume, individually commissioned contributions from distinguished historians elaborate on the importance of different periods, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century.

The Maritime History of Cornwall is a significant addition to the literature of international maritime history and is indispensable to those with an interest in Cornwall past and present.


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Introduction and Acknowledgements

Part I: ’Window to a Wider World’: Early and Medieval Cornwall
1: Introduction   Philip Payton, Alston Kennerley, Helen Doe
2: The Origins of Maritime Cornwall: Pre-Medieval Settlements and Seaways   Caradoc Peters
3: Coastal Communities in Medieval Cornwall   Maryanne Kowaleski
4: Overseas Trade and Shipping in Cornwall in the Later Middle Ages   Wendy R. Childs

Part II: ’The Age of Turbulence’: Maritime Disorder in Tudor and Stuart Cornwall
5: Introduction   Philip Payton, Alston Kennerley, Helen Doe
6: Plunder and Prize: Cornish Piracy and Privateering during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries   John C. Appleby
7: ’His Majesties Sea-Service in the Western Parts’: Maritime Affairs in Cornwall during the English Civil War   Mark Stoyle
8: Corruption and Inefficiency in the Cornish Customs Service in the Later Seventeenth Century   W.B. Stephens

Part III: ’A Time for War and Trade’: Cornwall in the Eighteenth Century
9: Introduction   Philip Payton, Alston Kennerley, Helen Doe
10: Cornish Tin Ships, 1703-1710   John Symons
11: Cornwall and the Royal Navy in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries   N.A.M. Rodger
12: Cornish Ports in the Eighteenth Century   Helen Doe
13: Smuggling and Wrecking   John Rule
14: The Cornish Arundells and the Right of Wreck: A Case Study in Landlord-Tenant Relations in the Long Eighteenth Century   Cathryn Pearce
15: Navigation   Adrian James Webb

Part IV: ’Global Reach and Industrial Prowess’: Cornwall in the Nineteenth Century
16: Introduction   Philip Payton, Alston Kennerley, Helen Doe
17: The Cornish Sea Fisheries in the Nineteenth Century   Tony Pawlyn
18: Cornwall: An Inside-out Industrial Region   Bernard Deacon
19: The Coastal Trade in Cornish China Clay    John Armstrong
20: Cornish Maritime Steam   Roy Fenton
21: Yachting in Cornwall before the First World War   Janet Cusack
22: The Smuggler and the Wrecker: Literary Representations of Cornish Maritime Life   Simon Trezise
23: Cornish Ports, Shipping and Investment in the Nineteenth Century   Helen Doe

Part V: ’Inventing "The Cornish Riviera"’: From Twentieth to Twenty-first Century Cornwall
24: Introduction   Philip Payton, Alston Kennerley, Helen Doe
25: Cornwall and the Decline of Commercial Sail   Alston Kennerley
26: Maritime Cornwall in the Era of Two World Wars   G.H. and R. Bennett
27: Cornwall’s Trading Ports: twentieth-Century Decline into Diversity   Terry Chapman
28: Twentieth-Century Maritime Tourism and Recreation   Philip Payton
29: Cornish Fisheries in the Twentieth Century   Paul Willerton
30: Epilogue   Philip Payton, Alston Kennerley, Helen Doe

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Review Quotes
Graeme J. Milne | International Journal of Maritime History
“A hefty and handsome volume. . . . The editors are to be commended for pulling so many threads together in such a capable way, and their editorial contributions certainly make the volume much more coherent than is often the case with multi-author projects on this scale. The book sets some important standards for maritime-regional studies. It should be the first port of call for anyone interested in Cornwall’s history (maritime or otherwise), as well as for scholars seeking examples of long-term change in societies at the frontier between land and sea.”
David Jenkins | The Mariner’s Mirror
“There are some books which are a delight to hold, and to behold—even before one delves into their pages—and this is one of them. A pleasingly chunky volume, the front of the dust jacket features Joseph Southall’s The Three Masted Schooner, his limpid and evocative 1919 marine landscape of a marine vessel at Fowey which sums up so many of the themes covered within, such as maritime trade, coastal communities, and Cornwall’s later promotion as a holiday destination. A well-chosen and effective pictorial overture! . . . Each part is prefaced by an admirable joint essay by the editors. . . . This is a serious, substantial, yet readily readable volume, which comprises excellent essays by some of the foremost maritime historians.”
Thomas Malcomson | The Northern Mariner/ Le marin du nord
“The strongest element in the book is the introductory chapters for each of the five sections. Written by the editors, they provide a thorough grounding in the major historic, economic and social developments of the time period, both of regional importance and the larger context within which Cornwall life was woven.  They are excellent essays, combining established sources with new research into the era under exploration.  Reading these alone is worth the price of the volume.”
Joanna Mattingley | Landscape History
“A remarkable achievement.  Synthesising and making accessible high quality research, it shows that through its essentially maritime location Cornwall could be both pivotal and peripheral, not just peripheral—the common misconception today."
Martin Wilcox | Journal for Maritime Research
“Overall this is a book which manages to strike the difficult balance of being academically rigorous, and yet sufficiently lively and readable to reach a much wider audience.  The fact that it is beautifully produced and well-illustrated should help with the latter.”
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