Paper $49.95 ISBN: 9781447309680 Published May 2015 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $120.00 ISBN: 9781447309673 Published May 2015 For sale in North and South America only

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Health Inequalities

International Perspectives in Social Work

Edited by Julie Fish and Kate Karban

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Health Inequalities

Edited by Julie Fish and Kate Karban

Distributed for Bristol University Press

With a Preface by Gary Bailey
276 pages | 10 figures, 2 tables | 6 x 9 | © 2015
Paper $49.95 ISBN: 9781447309680 Published May 2015 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $120.00 ISBN: 9781447309673 Published May 2015 For sale in North and South America only
This pioneering study examines inequalities experienced by LGBT people in health care and considers the role of social work in addressing the inequity. The book is organized into three parts: the first provides a policy context in four countries, the second examines social work practice in tackling health inequalities, and the third considers research and pedagogic developments. The volume’s distinctive international approach features practice vignettes as well as key theoretical perspectives on the components of health inequalities, including social determinants of health, minority stress, ecological approaches, and human rights. With a preface from Gary Bailey, president of the International Federation of Social Workers, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Health Inequalities will be relevant to an interdisciplinary, international audience of social work educators, practitioners, and students.
Foreword by Gary Bailey
Introduction: social work’s contribution to tackling lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans health inequalities ~Julie Fish and Kate Karban

Part One: Key issues in social work with LGBT people
Much to be desired: LGBT health inequalities and inequities in Canada ~ Nick J. Mulé
Between public neglect and private needs: conceptualising approaches to LGBT issues in Italian social work ~ Andrea Nagy and Urban Nothdurfter
Queering the pitch: a need for mainstreaming LGBTQ issues in professional social work education and practice in India ~ Ketki Ranade
Life in the Pink Dragon’s Den: mental health services and social inclusion for LGBT people in Wales ~ Tracey Maegusuku-Hewett, Michele Raithby and Paul Willis

Part Two: Service design and practice development
Coming into view? The experiences of LGBT young people in the care system in Northern Ireland ~ Nicola Carr and John Pinkerton
Social services for LGBT young people in the United States: are we there yet? ~ Elizabeth A. Winter, Diane E. Elze, Susan Saltzburg and Mitchell Rosenwald
Unique experiences and needs of LGBT older people: one community in rural California responds ~ Elizabeth Breshears and Valerie Lester Leyva
Good practice in health and social care provision for LGBT older people in the UK ~ Sue Westwood, Andrew King, Kathryn Almack, Yiu-Tung Suen and Louis Bailey
A theoretical model for intervening in complex sexual behaviours: sexual desires, pleasures and passion – La Pasión – of Spanish-speaking gay men in Canada ~ Gerardo Betancourt
Research and policy about end of life care for LGBT people in the UK ~ Kathryn Almack, Tes Smith and Bridget Moss
LGBT asylum seekers and health inequalities in the UK ~ Kate Karban and Ala Sirriyeh

Part Three: Social work education and research
Pedagogy for unpacking heterosexist and cisgender bias in social work education in the United States ~ Susan Saltzburg
Maximising research outcomes for trans children and their families in Canada using social action and other participatory methods of inquiry ~ Annie Pullen Sansfaçon and Kimberley Ens Manning
Mental health inequalities among LGBT older people in the United States: curricula developments ~ Valerie Lester Leyva
Strategies for maximising participation from LGB people in internet surveying in the United States ~ Andy Dunlap
Gay and bisexual men raped by men: an invisible group in social work in Sweden ~ Hans Knutagård
Queering social work methods in health disparities and health promotion in the United States ~ Tyler M. Argüello

Conclusion ~ Kate Karban and Julie Fish.
Review Quotes
J. C. Altman, California State University, Monterey Bay | Choice
“This informative international volume on how social work can address LGBT health inequities and promote positive social care outcomes, an emerging discipline within the field, balances micro and macro level points of view and successfully straddles human rights and social justice perspectives.  Orienting readers to the processes of marginalization of this oppressed and vulnerable population, the production of inequality, and the construction of risk, the book serves as a theoretical, practical guide to what social workers can and should do.  Well organized and written, the book offers a comprehensive glossary and great summary sections on current knowledge at the end of each chapter, explains what the chapter adds, and points out its relevance for social work and LGBT health inequities. Other strengths include the book's depth of coverage on practical interventions and best practices, especially with older LGBT people, and a particularly strong chapter on pedagogy by Susan Saltzburg. Social work has a major role to play in addressing and redressing these health inequalities; this text does a service to the profession by giving it a place to begin. . . . Highly recommended.”
British Journal of Social Work
"An outstanding contribution to the field of LGBT studies in social work, and its ability to walk the line between social and individual worlds is outstanding."
Nancy Krieger, Harvard University, School of Public Health
“Committed to health equity and human rights, this valuable book offers important theoretical and practical insights to improve LGBT wellbeing across the lifecourse, from early childhood to end-of-life care, and does so cognizant of commingled inequitable power relations involving sexuality, class, race/ethnicity, and gender, within and between nations.”
Ilan H. Meyer, University of California, Los Angeles, School of Law
“An important and innovative addition to the growing research on LGBT health disparities. The book provides both a social work and an international perspective to a field typically dominated by US-based public health research.”
Ruth Stark, president of the International Federation of Social Workers
“An important contribution to the knowledge needed by those on social work services to understand the complex matrix not only of the persistent discrimination experienced by LGBT people but the health inequalities they encounter on their journeys through life.”
Lyn Romeo, Chief Social Worker for Adults (England), UK Department of Health
“This original book gives a much-needed focus on the role of social work in addressing LGBT health inequalities. It makes a vital and necessary contribution towards promoting equality for LGBT people.”
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