Knowledge in Policy

Embodied, Inscribed, Enacted

Edited by Richard Freeman and Steve Sturdy

Knowledge in Policy

Edited by Richard Freeman and Steve Sturdy

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256 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2014
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Knowledge in Policy radically reconceives the place of knowledge in policy making in Europe, one that pays particular attention to the different forms that knowledge can take. Specifically, knowledge is embodied in people, inscribed in documents and instruments, and enacted in particular circumstances. In this book, Richard Freeman and Steve Sturdy gather case studies of health and education policies in contexts that demonstrate the essential interdependence of these different forms of knowledge. In doing so, they illustrate the ways in which knowledge is mobilized and resisted, drawing attention to key problems in the processing and transformation of knowledge in policy work.
Introduction: knowledge in policy - embodied, inscribed, enacted 
   ~ Richard Freeman and Steve Sturdy

Part One: Policy knowledge in space and time
Seeing knowledge in mental health in Scotland 

   ~ Jennifer Smith-Merry

Knowledge moves: regulation and the evaluation of Portuguese schools

   ~ Natércio Afonso and Estela Costa

Knowledge, policy and coordinated action: mental health in Europe

   ~ Richard Freeman and Steve Sturdy

Part Two: Embodied, inscribed and enacted knowledges
’We know who to talk to’: embodied knowledge in England’s Department of Health

   ~ Jo Maybin

Reconstructing school inspectorates in Europe: the role of inscribed knowledge

   ~ Sotiria Grek

Enacting knowledge in a European project

   ~ Maria José dos Santos Freitas

Part Three: Knowledge interests, knowledge conflict and knowledge work
Knowledge interests: promoting and resisting change in mental health in Hungary

   ~ Bori Fernezelyi and Gábor Eröss

Knowledge conflicts: embodiment, inscription and the education of children with learning disabilities in Germany

   ~ Alma Demszky

Knowledge work: organising mental health care networks in Belgium

   ~ Sophie Thunus, Gaëtan Cerfontaine and Frédéric Schoenaers

Knowledge and policy in research and practice

   ~ Richard Freeman and Steve Sturdy

Review Quotes
SRA Research Matters
"A very thought-provoking book for anyone involved in policymaking, and in trying to understand how and why policy is, or is not, made and implemented in different contexts."
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