William Sheehan and Thomas Hockey


William Sheehan and Thomas Hockey

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192 pages | 60 color plates, 40 halftones | 6 3/4 x 8 3/4 | © 2018
Cloth $40.00 ISBN: 9781780239088 Published May 2018 For sale in North and South America only
Majestic and untwinkling, Jupiter is the grandest of all planets. It is the largest planet in our solar system and among the brightest objects in the night sky. It shines with a noble, steady luster, and its calming presence has inspired humans for centuries. Jupiter was the “beloved star” of the first serious observers of the planets, the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians, and has inspired poetic utterances from eminent writers such as William Wordsworth and Walt Whitman. It also continues to inspire contemporary astronomers and stargazers, and this beautifully illustrated volume brings our understanding of Jupiter right up to date.

The scientific study of Jupiter is at a watershed: NASA’s Juno space probe has entered orbit about Jupiter to investigate the planet, while information gleaned from improved telescopes and other robotic explorers in space continues to improve our understanding of the planet’s origin, evolution, and composition. Jupiter provides a concise and expert overview of the history of our observations of this largest of planetary spheres, as well as reports on the much-anticipated initial findings from the Juno space probe. Also incorporating other recent research that is not widely available, Jupiter is an accessible and engaging introduction to planetary science that will deepen our knowledge both of this magnificent planet and of our own place in the solar system.


1. The Jovian Planets

2. Jupiter: A Primer for a Giant Planet

3. Superficial Matters

4. Atmospherics

5. The Great Red Spot Becomes Great

6. A Bewildering Phantasmagoria: Jovian Meteorology

7. Above Jupiter

8. Jupiter in Collision

9. Juno to Jupiter

10. Observing Jupiter

Appendix I: Jupiter by the Numbers

Appendix II: Conjunctions of Jupiter

Appendix III: The Galilean Satellites by the Numbers

Appendix IV: Space Probes to Jupiter




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