International Migration

Globalization’s Last Frontier

Jonathon W.

International Migration

Jonathon W.

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272 pages | 5.4375 x 8.5
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Preface and Acknowledgements

1. Introduction
A timely argument...
...a good argument..
...but a difficult argument

2. Two Paradoxes of Globalization
Economic inequalities
Political inequalities
Growing demand for migration

3. Some Historical Perspective
Migration in the Long Arc of History
The Mercantilist Period
The Liberal Period
The New Liberal Period

4. The Moral Argument
Mobility as a universal right
The instrumentalist argument

5. A Political Argument
The problem with closed borders
The case of apartheid
The market-based approach
The political benefits of free migration

6. An Economic Argument
Host country benefits
Sending country benefits
International benefits

7. Who Opposes Free Migration?
Public opinion
The undying state
Diffuse and particular interests

8. Questioning Conventional Wisdom
The great flood of immigrants
Brain drain
Migration's effect on culture
The challenge of political realism
Security concerns

9. Conclusion and Policy Responses
Policy responses
Broadening the debate


List of Figures
2.1 Map of Income
2.2 Map of Freedom
7.1 Public opinion about levels of immigration
7.2 Immigrant influence
8.1 Sharing customs and tradition

List of Tables
2.1. Less Developed Countries

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