Health inequalities

Lifecourse approaches

George Davey Smith

Health inequalities

George Davey Smith

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608 pages
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The lifecourse perspective on adult health and on health inequalities in particular, is one of the most important recent developments in epidemiology and public health. This book brings together, in a single volume, the work of one of the most distinguished academics in the field. It is the first to specifically take a lifecourse approach to health inequalities and will be essential reading for academics, students and policy makers with an interest in public health, epidemiology, health promotion and social policy.

Section I: Patterns of health inequality
Health inequalities in Britain: continuing increases up to the end of the 20th century ~ Davey Smith, Dorling, Mitchell and Shaw, 2002
Shrinking areas and mortality ~ Davey Smith, Dorling and Shaw, 1998
Population change and mortality in men and women ~ Davey Smith, Shaw and Dorling, 2001
Area-based measures of social and economic circumstances: cause-specific mortality patterns depend on the choice of index ~ Davey Smith, Whitley, Dorling and Gunnell, 2001
Socioeconomic differentials in mortality risk among men screened for the Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial: Part I - results for 300,685 white men ~ Davey Smith, Wentworth, Neaton, Stamler and Stamler, 1996
Socioeconomic differentials in mortality risk among men screened for the Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial: Part II - results for 20,224 black men ~ Davey Smith, Neaton, Wentworth, Stamler and Stamler, 1996
Individual social class, area-based deprivation, cardiovascular disease risk-factors and mortality: the Renfrew and Paisley study ~ Davey Smith, Hart, Watt, Hole and Hawthorne, 1998
Is control at work the key to socioeconomic gradients in mortality? ~ Davey Smith and Harding, 1997

Section II: Voting and mortality
"I'm all right John": voting patterns and mortality in England and Wales, 1981-92 ~ Davey Smith and Dorling, 1996
Association between voting patterns and mortality remains ~ Davey Smith and Dorling, 1997
Analysis of trends in premature mortality by Labour voting in the 1997 General Election ~ Dorling, Davey Smith and Shaw, 2001

Section III: The Whitehall Study
Magnitude and causes of socioeconomic differentials in mortality: further evidence from the Whitehall Study ~ Davey Smith, Shipley and Rose, 1990
Confounding of occupation and smoking: its magnitude and consequences ~ Davey Smith and Shipley, 1991
Socioeconomic differentials in cancer among men ~ Davey Smith, Leon, Shipley and Rose, 1991

Section IV: Health and lifetime social circumstances: the Collaborative Study
Lifetime socioeconomic position and mortality: prospective observational study ~ Davey Smith, Hart, Blane, Gillis and Hawthorne, 1997
Education and occupational social class: which is the more important indicator of mortality risk? ~ Davey Smith, Hart, Hole, MacKinnon, Gillis, Watt, Blane and Hawthorne, 1998
Adverse socioeconomic conditions in childhood and cause-specific adult mortality: prospective observational study ~ Davey Smith, Hart, Blane and Hole, 1998
Socioeconomic factors as determinants of mortality ~ Davey Smith and Hart, 1998
Lifecourse socioeconomic and behavioural influences on cardiovascular disease: the Collaborative Study ~ Davey Smith and Hart, 2002

Section V: Further lifecourse influences on health
Social circumstances in childhood and cardiovascular disease mortality: prospective observational study of Glasgow University students ~ Davey Smith, McCarron, Okasha and McEwen, 2001
Childhood socioeconomic position and adult cardiovascular mortality: the Boyd Orr cohort ~ Frankel, Davey Smith and Gunnell, 1999
Height and risk of death among men and women: aetiological implications of associations with cardiorespiratory disease and cancer mortality ~ Davey Smith, Hart, Upton, Hole, Gillis, Watt and Hawthorne, 2000
Leg length, insulin resistance, and coronary heart disease risk: the Caerphilly Study ~ Davey Smith, Greenwood, Gunnell, Sweetnam, Yarnell and Elwood, 2001

Section VI: Ethnicity and health inequalities
Ethnic inequalities in health: a review of UK epidemiological evidence ~ Davey Smith, Chaturvedi, Harding, Nazroo and Williams, 2000
Learning to live with complexity: ethnicity, socioeconomic position, and health in Britain and the US ~ Davey Smith, 2000
Mortality differentials between black and white men in the US: contribution of income and other risk factors among men screened for the Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial (MRFIT) ~ Davey Smith, Neaton, Wentworth, Stamler and Stamler, 1998

Section VII: Diversions
Socioeconomic differentials in the mortality of pets: probably reflect the same differences in material circumstances as in their owners ~ Davey Smith and Bonnett, 1998
Death in Hollywood: life-style excess, social comparisons or publication bias? ~ Davey Smith, 2001
Sex and death: are they related? Findings from the Caerphilly Cohort Study ~ Davey Smith, Frankel and Yarnell, 1997
Health, health services and health politics in Britain: 1952-2002-2052 ~ Davey Smith, 2002

Section VIII: Health inequalities - past and present
Socioeconomic differentials in mortality: evidence from Glasgow graveyards ~ Davey Smith, Carroll, Rankin and Rowan, 1992
The ghost of Christmas past: the health effects of poverty in London in 1896 and 1991 ~ Dorling, Mitchell, Shaw, Orford and Davey Smith, 2000
Does early nutrition affect later health? Views from the 1930s and 1980s ~ Davey Smith and Kuh, 1996

Section IX: Social inequality and population health
Income inequality and mortality: why are they related? ~ Davey Smith, 1996
Understanding it all: health, meta-theories, and mortality trends ~ Davey Smith and Egger, 1996

Section X: Reducing health inequalities, now and in the future
The widening health gap: what are the solutions? ~ Davey Smith, Dorling, Gordon and Shaw, 1999
Inequalities in health: what is happening and what can be done? ~ Davey Smith and Ben-Shlomo, 1997
How policy informs the evidence - 'evidence-based' thinking can lead to debased policy making ~ Davey Smith, Ebrahim and Frankel, 2001
Rationing for health equity: is it necessary? ~ Davey Smith, Frankel and Ebrahim, 2000
Afterword: Still wanting to be James Dean ~ George Davey Smith 

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