Paper $42.95 ISBN: 9781861346841 Published July 2006 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $91.00 ISBN: 9781861346858 Published July 2006 For sale in North and South America only

Housing, urban governance and anti-social behaviour

Perspectives, policy and practice

Edited by John Flint

Housing, urban governance and anti-social behaviour

Edited by John Flint

Distributed for Bristol University Press

360 pages
Paper $42.95 ISBN: 9781861346841 Published July 2006 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $91.00 ISBN: 9781861346858 Published July 2006 For sale in North and South America only
This book is the first comprehensive volume exploring an issue of growing importance to policy makers, academics, housing practitioners and students. It brings together contributions from the most prominent scholars in the field to provide a range of theoretical perspectives, critical analysis and empirical research findings about the role of housing and urban governance in addressing anti-social behaviour.Contributors assess constructions of anti-social behaviour in policy discourse, identify how housing is increasingly central to the governance of anti-social behaviour and critically evaluate a wide range of measures used by housing and other agencies to tackle what is perceived to be a growing social problem. Although the book focuses on the UK, comparative international perspectives are provided from France, Australia and the United States.The book covers definitions of anti-social behaviour and policy responses including key new legislation and the legal role of social landlords in governing anti-social behaviour. There is comprehensive coverage of key measures including eviction, probationary tenancies, Anti-social Behaviour Orders, mediation and Acceptable Behaviour Contracts, and of innovative developments such as gated communities, intensive support services and the use of private security."Housing, urban governance and anti-social behaviour" will be of interest to academics, policy-makers, practitioners and students in the fields of housing, urban studies, social policy, legal studies and criminology.

Introduction: housing and anti-social behaviour ~ John Flint

Housing and the governance of conduct ~ John Flint

Governing tenants: from dreadful enclosures to dangerous places ~ Pauline Card

Labelling: constructing definitions of anti-social behaviour? ~ Helen Carr and Dave Cowan

Anti-social behaviour: voices front the front line ~ Judy Nixon and Sadie Parr

Spaces of discipline and control: the compounded citizenship of social renting ~ Rowland Atkinson

Tenancy agreements: a mechanism for governing anti-social behaviour? ~ Diane Lister

The changing legal framework: from landlords to agents of social control ~ Caroline Hunter

Social landlords, anti-social behaviour and counter-measures ~ Hal Pawson and Carol MacKenzie

Evaluating the shelter inclusion project: a floating support service for households accused of anti-social behaviour ~ Anwen Jones, Nicholas Pleace and Deborah Quilgars

Tackling anti-social behaviour: an evaluation of the Dundee Families Project ~ Suzie Scott

Policing and community safety in residential areas: the mixed economy of visible patrols ~ Adam Crawford

Gated communities: a response to, or remedy for, anti-social behaviour? ~ Sarah Blandy

Housing and anti-social behaviour in Australia ~ Kathy Arthurson and Keith Jacobs

Testing urban forms: city, control and 'urban violence' in France ~ Olivier Ratouis and Jerome Boissonade

Residential stability amongst adolescents in public housing: a risk factor for delinquent and violent behaviour? ~ Tim Ireland, Terence P. Thornberry and Rolf Loeber

Conclusions ~ John Flint

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