The Gwent County History, Volume 1

Gwent in Prehistory and Early History

Edited by Miranda Aldhouse-Green and Ray Howell

The Gwent County History, Volume 1

Edited by Miranda Aldhouse-Green and Ray Howell

Distributed for University of Wales Press

371 pages | 7 1/2 x 9 1/2
Cloth $60.00 ISBN: 9780708318263 Published June 2004 For sale in North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand only

This volume deals with an exceptionally long period in Gwent’s history, from prehistory to the appearance of Norman invaders from the east in the second half of the eleventh century. To the remoteness of this period may be added its comparative neglect by archaeologists over the past century. Confident explanations are not easily made before the Iron Age, and written records become available only at the end of the first century AD. But by bringing to bear sophisticated skills in archaeological and environmental interpretation of the landscape, by placing Gwent in the broader context of south Wales, south-west England and what came to be known as the Welsh March, and by innovative analyses of some striking site remains and unearthed hoards, the present generation of scholars has enabled a fascinating tale to be told. It is a partial story, sometimes disjointed, yet stressing continuity of human activity in early Gwent, and, above all, the need for more research and investigation. This volume reviews what is presently known and also sets an agenda for future study.

1. The Palaeolithic S. H. R. Aldhouse-Green 2. The Mesolithic: The Final Hunter-Gatherer-Fisher Societies of South-eastern Wales Elizabeth A. Walker 3. The Neolithic: The First Farming Societies Rick Peterson and Joshua Pollard 4. The Bronze Age M. A. Hamilton 5. Late Bronze Age Societies (1150-600 BC): Tools and Weapons Adam Gwilt 6. The Iron Age: Settlement and Material Culture Ray Howell and Joshua Pollard 7. The Iron Age: Art, Ritual and Society Miranda Aldhouse-Green 8. The Romans: Conquest and the Army W. H. Manning 9. The Romans in Gwent Richard J. Brewer 10. The Fifth to Seventh Centuries Ray Howell 11. Society and Religion Jeremy Knight 12. High Status Sites David Longley 13. Caerleon Restaurata: The Narrative World Juliette Wood 14. The Coming of the Normans Mike Davies
Review Quotes
The Monomouthshire Antiquary

“The publication of this volume, the first in what promises to be a distinguished series, is a matter for celebration. This volume is a resounding success at many levels. It provides an accessible narrative of Gwent’s pre-Norman past, it embodies the most up-to-date interpretations presented by those who are at the forefront of research and it reveals, as the story proceeds, the working methods, aspirations and sometimes the frustrations of scholars as they piece together the story of the long march of the people of Gwent.” –The Monmouthshire Antiquary

“Sobriety and consummate scholarship are the hallmarks of this pioneering volume, setting the scene for the Gwent of our nearer ancestors and of our own day . . . even the most complex, arcane topics are presented clearly and intelligibly . . . Engrossing and intriguing!” –

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