Global Trade

Past Mistakes, Future Choices

Greg Buckman

Global Trade

Greg Buckman

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320 pages | 5.4375 x 8.5
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1. A history of global trade
Early Continental Trade Networks - Early Trade Linkages between continents - European Global Exploration - World Trade in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries - World Trade in the Eighteenth Century - Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations - World Trade in the Nineteenth Century - World Trade in the Twentieth Century - Changing Global Trade Players

2. Global Trade Negotiations
Trade Negotiations Since the Second World War - The Bretton Woods Agreement and the International Trade Organisation - The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade - The Uruguay Round - The Doha Round - New Issues in the Uruguay Round - New Issues in the Doha Round - Negotiating Tactics within the WTO - WTO Rulings - The Retreat from Trade Multilateralism - Regional Trade Deals - High and low-income country global trade shares - Different trade patterns of high and low-income countries

3. High-income countries and trade
Trade fights between high-income countries - Trade fights between high and low-income countries - High-income country 'client state' relationship with low-income countries - The trade power of Transnational Corporations - The Protectionist History of high-income countries - The downsides of Trade Liberalization in high-income countries

4. Low-income countries and trade
The Emergence of Third and Fourth World low-income countries - Future Trade Relations between low-income countries - Current Trade Relations between low-income countries - Trade Fights between low and high-income countries - The Myth of low-income country manufacturing export growth - The Free Trade Experience of Mexico - Challenges Confronting low-income countries' trade

5. Trade, poverty and inequality
The Connection between Trade and Inequality - International Poverty - Global Inequality - Long Term changes in Global Inequality

6. Trade and the environment
The environmental impact of moving goods around the world - The Environmental Impact of the World Trade Organisation - The Environmental Impact of Foreign Investment - The Global Spread of Trade's Environmental Impact

7. The future of oil
A Brief History of Global Energy Use - Global Oil Demand Since the Second World War - Future World Oil Demand - The World's Remaining Reserves of Oil - The Peaking of Global Oil Supply - Global Warming - Alternatives to Oil

8. The future of global balance of payments problems
The Gold Standard Fixed Exchange Rate Systems - The Bretton Woods Exchange Rate System - Today's Laissez-Faire Exchange Rate System - Keynes's Alternative Balance-of-payments proposal - The Trade Plight of Least Developed Countries - Raw Material Export Price Stability Schemes

9. The policies of the global justice movement
Origins of the Global Justice Movement - Common Trade Policies of the Global Justice Movement - Defining Differences in the Trade Policies of the Global Justice Movement - Ideological Battles within the Global Justice Movement - Overview of the Trade Policies of the Global Justice Movement

10. Global Trade: Lessons for the Future
Conclusions about the Evolution of Global Trade - Conclusions about the Future of Global Trade
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