Global Citizens

Social Movements and the Challenge of Globalization

Marjorie Mayo

Global Citizens

Marjorie Mayo

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1. Challenging Globalization: Developing Alternative Strategies

Definitions and Differing Approaches
Neo-liberal Approaches
Shifts of emphasis
Social Democratic Approaches
Alternative Approaches
Populism from the Right as well as from the Left
Building Alliances

2. Democratization and Marketization: The State, the Market and Civil Society

The 'End of History' and the triumph of Western liberal democracy following the
collapse of the former Soviet Union?
Globalisation and democratisation: some paradoxes?
Alternative approaches to democracy: 'Civil Society', 'Social Capital' and capacity-
building for active citizenship and community empowerment
Possible implications for global social movements?

3. Social Movements: Competing Approaches

Differing approaches to studying Social Movements and Social Movement
Starting from collective mobilisation as rational action
New Social Movement Approaches
Social Movements and Social Movement Organisations concerned with Green and
Environmental Issues and with Human Rights

4. Social Movements Old and New: Alternatives or Allies?

How New?
So what about the old?
Globalisation and the need for international solidarity - at the centre of labour
government concerns
Union Revitalisation in the American Labour Movement: a case study from California
Old and/ or New? Alternatives or Allies?

5. Empowerment, Accountability, and Participation: Challenges for local and global movements

Opportunities and challenges for global social movements
'Students against Sweatshops': a case in point Drawing from community development
and community education debates
Popular education in practice: the Landless People's Movement in Brazil (MST)

6. People to People Exchanges: Sharing local experiences in a global context

Insiders as well as outsiders as experts, learning from sharing experiences and
networking, internationally
People to People Exchanges for Urban Transformation
Towards new ways of sharing insider and outsider learning

7. Globalization and gender: New threats, new strategies

Women, development and globalisation: differing approaches
From 'Women in Development' to 'Gender and Development'
Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era (DAWN): Critical Feminist
Perspectives from the South
'Marketisation of Governance': an example of a DAWN publication, presenting
critical feminist perspectives from the South DAWN's particular contribution

8. Rights to Public Services: The Global Campaign for Education

The international context
The context in terms of debates within NGOs and trade union organisations
The Global Campaign for Education is launched
GCE's achievements at Dakar and beyond
Wider implications?

9. Learning from Jubilee 2000: Mobilizing for Debt Relief

Jubilee 2000 Coalition as a global social movement
Participants' perspectives on Jubilee 2000
Exploring lessons and their potential implications
Jubilee 2000 and differing perspectives on social movements

10. Resisting Imperialism: Building global movements for peace and social justice

Building on the links: the Peace Movement and the Stop the War Coalition
Building on the links: campaigning on debt and trade
Possible implications for building sustainable challenges?
The battle of ideas continues

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