Paper $29.95 ISBN: 9781842777855 Published September 2006 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $90.95 ISBN: 9781842777848 Published September 2006 For sale in North and South America only

George W. Bush and the War on Women

Turning Back the Clock on Progress

Barbara Finlay

George W. Bush and the War on Women

Barbara Finlay

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288 pages | 5.4375 x 8.5 | © 2006
Paper $29.95 ISBN: 9781842777855 Published September 2006 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $90.95 ISBN: 9781842777848 Published September 2006 For sale in North and South America only
This book takes a devastating look at the actions and policies of the George W. Bush administration in terms of their impact on women in the United States and abroad. Surprisingly, this is a largely ignored aspect of Bush's presidency, even though his policies have in many ways reversed or inhibited women's progress over the past three decades. While the media have focused on his opposition to abortion, Bush's less-publicized anti-feminist agenda has in fact been much more extensive. He has opposed women's interests in multiple ways, from shutting down women's offices in the government to de-funding programs that assist women, from opposing global women's rights treaties to supporting anti-feminist organizations. Contrary to his public claims that 'W stands for Women,' his policies, appointments and actions reveal a strongly patriarchal bent. This book also includes a chapter on the negative effects on women of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Chapter 1 George W. Bush's Radical American Revolution
Presidential Powers and Women's Rights
Conservative movements and Republican politics
Significance for Women of Conservative Success
Plan of the Book

Chapter 2 In the China Shop: Closing Agencies, Eliminating Initiatives, Changing Procedures
2001: Percentage of women in executive positions is reduced
2001: Women's Input Excluded from Appointments Process
2001: President's Interagency Council on Women is Eliminated
2001: White House Office on Women's Initiatives and Outreach is Closed
White House Access granted to Right-wing Groups
The Equal Pay Matters Initiative is eliminated
Bush Tries to Eliminate Regional Offices of the Women's Bureau
Bush tries to eliminate federal workers' contraceptive coverage
Bush Tries to Eliminate Women's Educational Equity Act programs
Bush Tries to Eliminate Women's Military Advisory Committee
Bush Weakens Enforcement of anti-discrimination laws
Bush cancels regulations on Ergonomics in the Workplace
Bush cancels paid family leave plan

Chapter 3 Power Through Appointments: Rewarding Ideologues and Friends
Right-wing Organizations and the Bush Administration
Cronyism and Political Payback in Bush Appointments
Bush's 'diversity' strategy
A Rogue's Gallery of Bush Appointees
Bush's Ambivalence about Gay Appointees

Ch 4 Managing Information: Erasures, Manipulation, Outright Lies
Reducing public access to reliable information
Political Manipulation of Scientific Research and Information
Stacking Scientific Panels to Get the 'Right' Recommendations.
Reaction of the Scientific Community
The dangers of politicising information

Ch 5. Reproductive Rights, Sexuality, and Abstinence: Limiting Women's Freedoms
The Birth Control Revolution
Sex Education Wars
Misinformation and Ineffective Advice for Parents
The Partial-birth Abortion Ban
Redefining the status of the foetus, at the expense of Women
Reducing access to contraception for everyone
Does Bush oppose contraception? Troubling Questions.
Abortions Rise under Bush
Ideological Appointments to Reproductive Policy Positions
Bush Bravely Protects Marriage

Chapter 6 Restricting Reproductive Rights Around the Globe: Threatening Women's Lives to Please the Right
Reproductive Rights as Human Rights
Reinstating the Global Gag Rule
Fighting AIDS with Abstinence
Inhibiting Successful Sex-Worker Anti-AIDS Programs
Withdrawing Funding from the UNFPA.
Conclusion: undermining women's reproductive freedom a major Bush priority

Chapter 7 Bush vs. Women of the World: Are Women's Rights Human Rights?
Opposing 'Comfort Women's' Suit against Japan
Refusing to Grant Asylum to Domestic Violence Victims
Retreat from international women's rights goals and treaties
The Beijing Plus 10 Conference
Bush administration backs out on support for CEDAW.
Bush appointees with international women's rights responsibilities.

Chapter 8 Stacking the Deck Against Women: Bush and the Courts
Bush Selection Strategies
A Sampling of Bush's Court Nominees
The Supremes: Changing the Court of Last Resort
Bush's Justice in the Courts: Failure to prosecute discrimination

Chapter 9 Weakening Support for Women's Education and Health
Challenging Title IX protections
Opposing Diversity in Higher Education
Cutting Programs that Work
Bush and Women's Health
Politicising Women's Health Needs in Afghanistan

Chapter 10 How Bush's Economic and Budget Priorities Hurt Women
Dismantling the Great Society
Threatening Social Security
Bankruptcy Legislation: Women as Economic Victims
Tax Policy: Shifting the Burden, Rewarding the Rich
Increasing Poverty and the Bush Response
Welfare Changes and Medicaid Cuts
Marriage as the Answer to Women's Poverty
Funding Antifeminist Religious Groups

Chapter 11 The Real Bush Revealed: Lessons from Katrina
Initial signs of disarray and public outrage
Mismanagement of the real crisis
Charges of racism and class bias
Women the Majority of Victims
Taking political advantage
Cronyism unmasked and unleashed
Propounding disinformation and passing blame
The lessons of Katrina

Chapter 12 Bush Wars and Militarism: Heavy Burdens for Women
Losing the Peace in Afghanistan
Women and War in Iraq: Losing Ground
Undermining Human Rights
Karen Hughes' failed diplomacy
War and Militarism: Hidden Costs to Women
Rhetoric and Reality: Using feminist language to undermine feminism.

Chapter 13 Conclusions: Where do we go from here?

Appendix. Resources on the Bush administration and current political issues

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