Finance for Housing

An Introduction

Cathy Davis

Finance for Housing

Cathy Davis

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272 pages | 35 tables, 72 figures | 6 x 9
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In the years since distressed mortgage-backed securities sparked the 2008 economic crisis, several nations have implemented austerity programs that aim to reduce their debt by stabilizing shaky financial institutions. Cathy Davis contends that the British coalition government is actually using its austerity plan as a way to dismantle the welfare state—and that housing remains at the heart of the matter. Explaining why mortgages and rental costs are rising even as people with low incomes receive substantially less help from the government, she reveals the longstanding links between housing finance and broader social and political issues. 

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Part One: Overview

1 Political choices and housing finance

2 The global financial crisis and the UK government’s role

Part Two: Tenure

3 Local authority general housing services and building work

4 Owner-occupation

5 The changing fortunes of council housing

6 Housing associations

7 The private rented sector

Part Three: Issues with housing costs

8 ‘Marginal’ owner-occupation

9 A variety of rents

10 Paying for housing with help from housing benefits

Part Four: Discussion

11 Is our housing system sustainable?



Review Quotes
Ruth Lister, Loughborough University

“This timely book underlines why housing has moved from the periphery to the centre of social policy debates. I hope that it will be read by policy-makers and activists as well as students and academics.”

Tony Benn, former Labour MP and Cabinet Minister

"The test of a civilised society is that everyone should have access to a decent home. In the post-war years a huge house building programme for local authorities was set up and this met a real need. Today we need a similar programme which would create jobs and help us to escape from the agony of austerity."

Red Brick blog
“Finance for Housing . . . is a mine of useful information and argument that will be of interest to anyone wanting to know more about the housing system and so is highly recommended” 
Journal of Housing and the Built Environment
“An informative book about housing policy in the United Kingdom.”
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