The Future of Planning

Beyond Growth Dependence

Yvonne Rydin

The Future of Planning

Yvonne Rydin

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240 pages | 5 x 7 3/4 | © 2013
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For the past fifty years, urban planning has revolved around the presumed necessity of perpetual growth and development. Contending that the supposed benefits of endless growth cannot—and should not—be taken for granted, The Future of Planning comprises a timely exploration of alternative urban development models. Filled with practical suggestions that establish a new planning agenda, it proposes new ways to protect and enhance existing low-value land uses as well as the means of managing community assets within the built environment. This book will be essential reading for planning students, scholars, and practitioners.

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1              Introducing growth-dependant planning

                Welcome to Anywheretown – the home of growth dependence!

                Governance: the context for growth dependence

                Alternative responses to growth dependence

                The structure of the book

2              Embedding growth dependence in the planning system

                Planners’ growing dependence on growth

                The institutions of contemporary planning practice

3              The growth-dependant planning paradigm

                The economic model underpinning growth-dependant planning

                The direct and consequential benefits of promoting development

                The side-benefits of promoting development

4              The flawed economic assumptions of growth-dependant planning

                The core assumption of economic growth

                Spatial patterns of economic growth

                Coping with economic restructuring

                Leveraging private sector development

5              The environmental and social consequences of growth-dependant planning

                Growth-dependant planning as green growth

                The implications of environmental sustainability

                Growth-dependant planning as land value uplift

                The implications for local communities

6              Reforming the planning agenda

                From growth to well-being

                Well-being, tackling inequalities and sustainability

                Reframing planning for just sustainability

                The need for reformed planning institutions

7              Alternative development models

                Affordable housing

                The Garden City model

                Community development and land trusts

                Self-build and plotlands

                Finding low-value land

8              Protecting and improving existing places

                Protecting existing land uses from development pressures

                Improving housing standards

                Town centre enhancement

                Spaces for small and medium-sized enterprises

                Vacant property and land

9              Assets in common

                The limitations of private provision and management

                Community ownership and management

                Buying and funding community assets

                Managing community assets

10           Reforming the planning system

                The argument of the book

                Reformed planning policy guidance

                Reformed planning tools

                Reformed community engagement

                Bringing it all together




Review Quotes
Julian Agyeman, Tufts University

"In this excellent book, Yvonne Rydin skillfully critiques the current growth-dependent British planning system while offering a comprehensive and progressive agenda for its reform using the concept of ‘just sustainability.’"

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