Engendering Human Security

Feminist Perspectives

Thanh-Dam Truong, Saskia Wieringa, and Amrita Chhachhi

Engendering Human Security

Thanh-Dam Truong, Saskia Wieringa, and Amrita Chhachhi

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Gender Questions in the Human Security Framework


Part I: Human Security, Gender and the Body

1. Gendering Transitional Justice:
Experiences of Women in Sri Lanka and Timor
Leste in Seeking Affirmation and Rights - SUNILA ABEYSEKERA

2. Reproductive Rights and Gender Justice in the Neo-Conservative Shadow - GITA SEN

3. Gender Power Dynamics in Jamaica's Ghetto Trap:

4. The New Regulation of Prostitution in the Netherlands - JOYCE OUTSHOORN

Part II: Human Security, Work and Care

5. Combating Trafficking in Women and Children:
A Gender and Human Rights Framework - NOELEEN HEYZER

6. The Politics and Culture of Care:
Some Issues in the Netherlands - CARLA RISSEEUW

7. The Globalisation of Domestic Care Services - RACHEL KURIAN

8. From State Duty to Women's Virtue:
Care under Liberalisation in Vietnam - THANH-DAM TRUONG

Part III: Human Security:
Prospects for Feminist Engagements

9. Globalisation, Social Movements and Feminism:
Coming Together at the World Social Forum - VIRGINIA VARGAS

10. Measuring Women's Empowerment:
Developing a Global Tool - SASKIA WIERINGA

11. Eroding Citizenship:
Gender, Labour and Liberalisation in India - AMRITA CHHACHHI

12. The Plasticity of Gender in Social Policy Formation - PATRICIA MOHAMMED

13. Engendering Science and Interdisciplinary
Environmental Research for Environmental Security:
The Case of the Nariva Swamp - RHODA REDDOCK

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