Endgame in the Western Sahara

What Future for Africa’s Last Colony

Toby Shelley

Endgame in the Western Sahara

Toby Shelley

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Why does this remote swathe of Sahara along the Atlantic seaboard concern the US and Europe?
Why does Morocco maintain its occupation?
Why has the UN Security Council prevaricated for three decades while the Sahrawis live under Moroccan rule or as refugees?

In this revealing book, Financial Times journalist Toby Shelley examines the geopolitics involved. He brings out:

The little-known struggle of Sahrawis living under Moroccan rule to defend their identity.

US/European competition for influence in the Maghreb.

The natural resources at stake -- rich fishing grounds, phosphates, and the prospect of oil.

The reasons behind the UN failure to resolve what is now Africa's last decolonisation issue.

The evolution of the US-backed Baker Plan to settle the dispute.

How the Western Sahara's history and future is tangled up with Moroccan--Algerian rivalry.

The political development of Polisario, independence movement and state-in-waiting.

Toby Shelley has talked to Polisario, Moroccan, Algerian and other diplomats. He has visited the territory and had access to opposition activists and Moroccan officials. In the refugee camps he interviewed the leadership of Polisario. What emerges is that the fate of the Western Sahara is being moulded by global and regional forces and that it is the Sahrawis under Moroccan rule who are best placed to influence that fate.

1. Introduction

2. International context: The Maghreb from 'Cold War' to 'War Against Terror'
US ambitions for the Maghreb
Jealous France and post-colonial Spain

3. Cain and Abel: The Western Sahara and the Struggle for Regional Supremacy
Changing interests in a changing world
The supporting players

4. Morocco: Unstable and Counting the Cost of the Green March
Economic costs versus political benefits

5. The Alchemist's Dream: The Quest for Gold from the Desert Sand
Iron and other minerals

6. Sahrawi Society under Occupation
The demographic fog
Economic development: grand plans, grim reality

7. The 'Years of Lead'

8. An Identity Forged by Resistance

9. 1999: Civil Society and Breaking Down the 'Wall of Fear'

10. Zero sum game: The Western Sahara and the UN Process
The settlement plan: From ceasefire to deadlock
Sidelining the Sahrawis
Baker tries again

11. Polisario and the SADR: Guerrillas, Refugees and their State-in-Waiting
Political evolution within the movement
The structure of Polisario's state

12. War: The Unbroken Chain

13. Endgame
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