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Edible Series Authors

Edible Series Set

Edible Series Authors

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All Edible titles contain arou | 4 3/4 x 7 3/4
Cloth $396.00 ISBN: 9781780231471 Published November 2012 For sale in North and South America only

Edible is a revolutionary series of books that explores the rich history of cuisine. Ranging from Chocolate to Ice Cream, from Cocktails to Whiskey, from Caviar to Lobster, each book reveals the global history and culture of a particular food or beverage. Reaktion Books is delighted to announce a special, limited-time promotion for this highly acclaimed and bestselling series: purchase an entire set of 32 Edible titles and receive 25% discount off retail price. Offer available until 30 June 2013.

Purchase twenty or more from the series to receive 20% discount. Contact University of Chicago Press for more details at marketing@press.uchicago.edu

Titles include: Apple, Bread, Cake, Caviar, Champagne, Cheese, Chocolate, Cocktails, Curry, Dates, Gin, Hamburger, Herbs, Hot Dog, Ice Cream, Lemon, Lobster, Milk, Olive, Pancake, Pie, Pizza, Potato, Pork, Pudding, Rum, Sandwich, Soup, Spices, Tea, Vodka, Whiskey

Review Quotes
Robert Sietsema, Village Voice
“Books in Reaktion’s Edible series are paragons of their type; concise and flavorful, jammed with interesting facts, period photos, and just a handful of recipes, in case you want to ‘do it yourself.’”
Julia Keller, Chicago Tribune
“The books in the Edible series combine straightforward historical data with affectionate ruminations on how the food shows up in culture: movies, music, TV shows, billboards, slogans.”
Wall Street Journal
“Embellished with clever illustrations and a nice selection of historical and contemporary recipes. . . . [An] outstanding series of food volumes.”
Los Angeles Times
“Each book in the Edible Series describes a food or drink—its history, how it has evolved and how it has figured in various cultures across civilization. Twenty-eight of these little butter-cream-colored gems are in the works; 11 so far have been published. Printed on heavy, rich stock with drawings and color photos, they are an appetizing bunch.”
Toronto Star
“We are quite taken with the short but engagingly readable Edibles series of handsome little books on basic, well, edibles, as in the cultural and global history of one type of food or beverage . . . these spritely, much-illustrated books are a peruser’s delight.”
“The decision to make the series global in scope is both enjoyable and admirable, taking the reader outside expectations and placing cuisine in a broader-than-usual context.”
Hans Rollman | PopMatters
“Comprised of short, smart volumes detailing the history, politics, and cultural complexity of some of our everyday edibles, the books offer recipes, literary tidbits, and a whole lot more packed into these deceptively small editions. Behind the simple yellow covers lies an erudite exploration of each food item. . . . The Edible Series offers more than just quirky histories and quaint recipes. For those who want to understand more about the foods upon which we rely—about how they came to play a role in our diets, and assumed the form they do today—they offer rich and well-researched histories that reveal as much about the humans who consume them as they do the foodstuffs themselves. For the conscious consumer and the discerning diner, these volumes are a delight.”
The Scotsman
“Each of these condensed reads is stuffed with irreverent facts, anecdotes and evidence of wide-ranging research.”
“The Edible series of books are full of fascinating facts but are almost small enough to squeeze into a Christmas stocking.”
Elizabeth Luard, The Oldie
“Spend your book tokens on Reaktion Books’s little collectables for couch potatoes, discreetly yellow-jacketed, entertainingly illustrated hardbacks on a single theme written by serious scholar-cooks. All are subtitled A Global History, a promise which at £9.99 for 150 pages of impeccably researched sweet reason, they indeed fulfill.”
Chicago Tribune
“These are food memoirs, salacious and exotic, colorful, powdered, sweet, greasy and globe-trotting . . . sharp and speedy little reads, spotted with off-kilter illustrations.”
Winterthur Portfolio
“A fun, smartly written series appropriate for a popular audience that likes to eat . . .
the Edible series books provide level-headed and enjoyable overviews of food culture. . . . These will create a little library that any foodie will be proud to show off. . . . Aesthetically pleasing volumes with decent content that would make good presents.”
Diplomat magazine
“These little morsels of books are part of a delightful and new imprint known as the Edible series. . . . The history of each foodstuff is set out compactly and with erudition . . . in each case, it’s when the history moves closer to current day that revelation and delight meet.”
Your Family History
“Well-illustrated and offering accessible and intriguing text, these titles will be of interest to anyone with a fascination with food.”
The Saratogian
“The small format is perfect for a stocking stuffer, but these books aren’t light on substance. . . . In each volume, you’ll find great photography, illustrations, art, related advertisements and a nice selection of related recipes.”
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