Dispatches From Palestine: The Rise and Fall of the Oslo Peace Process

Graham Usher

Dispatches From Palestine: The Rise and Fall of the Oslo Peace Process

Graham Usher

Distributed for Pluto Press

208 pages | 5.31496 x 8.46457
Paper $36.00 ISBN: 9780745313375 Published August 1999 For Sale in All Americas and the Caribbean except Canada

‘Usher ... does the best foreign on-the-spot reporting from Palestine.’ Edward Said, London Review of Books

‘The reader vicariously experiences what will become great moments of popular oral history that official historians will forget in the great scheme of things.’ Middle East International



1. Why Gaza says yes, mostly
2. What kind of nation ? The rise of Hamas in the occupied territories
3. An Israeli peace - an interview with Ilan Pappe
4. Palestine - the economic fist in the political glove
5. The meaning of return
Oslo two - Oslo’s high tide
1. Bantustanisation or binationalism ? an interview with Azmi Bishara
2. The politics of internal security: the PA’s new intelligence services
3. Outsider in - a profile of Palestinian Council candidate, Salah Tamari
4. The politics of atrocity
5. The Charter and the future of Palestinian politics
6. Closures, cantons and the Palestinian Covenant
7. The Palestinians in Israel
8. Shimon Peres - fourth time loser
Post-Oslo - decline and fall
1. Pictures of war
2. Madness in Ramallah
3. Hezballah, Syria and the Lebanese elections
4. "All killers" - Luxor, the Gamaa and Egypt’s prisons
5. Fatah, Hamas and the crisis of Oslo - interviews with Marwan Barghouti and Ibrahim Ghoshah
6. Making peace - an interview with Yossi Beilin
7. Believers in blue jeans - an interview with Aryeh Deri
8. The fire the next time - Palestinians in Lebanon
9. The meaning of Shiekh Yassin
10. Impossible contradictions - Israel at 50
11. A Palestinian refugee at 51



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