Crime and Justice, Volume 3

An Annual Review of Research

Edited by Michael Tonry and Norval Morris

Crime and Justice, Volume 3
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Edited by Michael Tonry and Norval Morris

362 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1981
Paper $7.50 ISBN: 9780226807966 Published April 1982
Cloth $47.95 ISBN: 9780226808109 Published August 1990

Surveys of Victimization—An Optimistic Assessment
Richard F. Sparks

Use and Misuse of Hypnosis in Court
Martin T. Orne

Eyewitness Testimony: Psychological Research and Legal Thought
Elizabeth F. Loftus

State, Civil Society, and Total Institutions: A Critique of Recent Social Histories of Punishment
Michael Ignatieff

Modern Private Security: Its Growth and Implications
Clifford D. Shearling and Philip C. Stenning

Rights, Utility, and Crime
David A. J. Richards

Historical Trends in Violent Crimes: A Critical Review of the Evidence
Ted Robert Gurr
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