Africa and Development Challenges in the New Millennium

The NEPAD Debate

J. O. Adésínà and Yao Graham A.

Africa and Development Challenges in the New Millennium

J. O. Adésínà and Yao Graham A.

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In 2001 NEPAD - the New Partnership for Africa’s Development - was launched by South African President Thabo Mbeke and Abdoulaye Wade, President of Senegal. Its founding assumption was that African governments had to take much more responsibility for their economic, political and social policy if real development were to be achieved.

African Development Challenges in the New Millennium is the first major attempt by African scholars and policy makers to evaluate the meaning of NEPAD in concrete terms. The authors raise key questions about NEPAD’s ability to integrate Africa with the global economy, to overcome the challenge of poverty, and to bring about regional development. The book also addresses what NEPAD means for agriculture, industrialization, trade and the ’digital divide’.

This is an important contribution to our understanding of NEPAD, why it has already run into extensive criticism, and the prospects for a new, more positive chapter in Africa’s development.’

‘The book serves as an extremely useful introduction to the NEPAD debate and offers a forceful critique of the neoliberal orthodoxy that dominates the majority of the plan’s development prescriptions. The collection provides a thought-provoking analysis of the key issues by some of the eminent intellectuals in this field’ - Alexander Beresford, Edinburgh University, Journal of Modern African Studies
Preface: Yao Graham and Adebayo Olukoshi

Introduction: Jimi Adesina, Yao Graham, Adebayo Olukoshi

Part 1: NEPAD: the debate

Chapter 1. J. Adesina, ’Development and the Challenge of Poverty’
Chapter 2. Ian Taylor, ’The New Partnership for Africa’s Development and the Global Political Economy’
Chapter 3. Eddy Maloka: NEPAD and its critics

Part 2: Sectoral Challenges

Chapter 4. Sam Moyo, ’Africa’s Agrarian Transformation: the efficacy of the NEPAD agricultural strategy’
Chapter 5. Sekou Sangare, ’Industrialisation of Africa: a new approach’
Chapter 6: Dot Keet: Character and Role of Trade within NEPAD: Critical Challenges and Questions
Chapter 7. Y.Z. Yau, ’Confronting the digital divide: an interrogation of African initiatives’
Chapter 8. Tayeb Chenntouf, ’NEPAD in the Twenty-first Century: An Answer to the Educational, Cultural and Scientific Challenges?’

Part 3: Financing Africa’s Development

Chapter 9. Zo Randriamaro, ’NEPAD, Gender and the Poverty Trap: The Challenges of financing for Development in Africa from a Gender Perspective’
Chapter 10. Chibuike Uche, ’Can African Institutions Finance African Development? Evidence from the ECOWAS Fund’
Chapter 11. Kwasi Anyemedu, ’Financing Africa’s Development: Can Aid Dependence Be Avoided?’

Appendix: Text of the Accra Declaration

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