Paper $45.95 ISBN: 9781447312680 Published April 2016 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $116.00 ISBN: 9781447312673 Published September 2014 For sale in North and South America only

Australian Public Policy

Progressive Ideas in the Neo-Liberal Ascendency

Edited by Chris Miller and Lionel Orchard

Australian Public Policy

Edited by Chris Miller and Lionel Orchard

Distributed for Bristol University Press

392 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2014
Paper $45.95 ISBN: 9781447312680 Published April 2016 For sale in North and South America only
Cloth $116.00 ISBN: 9781447312673 Published September 2014 For sale in North and South America only
At a time when neoliberal and conservative politics are in the ascendency in Australia, and social democracy is suffering, Australian Public Policy makes a powerful case for the values and goals of progressive public policy. It brings together leading figures from the academic and the policy worlds to explore economic, environmental, social, cultural, and indigenous rights issues, and it offers valuable insights into the goals and practicality of progressive programs that will be of use not just within Australia, but throughout the world.

Part 1 -Setting the Scene
Toward a new progressive policy agenda

   ~ Chris Miller and Lionel Orchard

Neoliberalism, the culture wars and public policy

   ~ Mark Davis

Part 2 - Economics and Work
Macroeconomic policy after the Global Financial Crisis

   ~ John Quiggin

Putting together work and care in Australia: time for a new settlement?’
   ~ Barbara Pocock, Janine Chapman and Natalie Skinner

Welfare Reform

   ~ Ben Spies-Butcher

“Choice” and “fairness”: The hollow core in industrial relations policy

   ~ John Buchanan and Damian Oliver

Part 3 - Culture and Society
Indigenous policy: Canberra consensus on a neoliberal project of improvement

   ~ Jon Altman

Culture and Diversity

   ~ George Crowder

The business of care: Australia’s experiment with the marketization of childcare

   ~ Deborah Brennan

Mixed messages in the new politics of education

   ~ Louise Watson and Charlotte Liu

The accidental logic of health policy in Australia

   ~ Fran Baum and Judith Dwyer

Loose Moorings: Debate and directions in Australian housing policy

   ~ Lionel Orchard

Part 4 - Environment, Population and Cities
Population Policy

   ~ Ian Lowe

Australian Cities: In pursuit of a national urban policy

   ~ Paul Burton and Jago Dodson

Natural resource management: Steering not rowing against the current in the Murray-Darling Basin

   ~ Daniel Connell

International Perspectives: Low carbon urban Australia in a time of transition

   ~ Ralph Horne and Colin Fudge

Part 5 - Politics and Government
Politics and Government

   ~ James Walter and Zareh Ghazarian

Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations

   ~ Robyn Hollander

Citizen engagement in Australian policy-making

   ~ Chris Miller

On Escaping Neo-Liberalism: Concluding Reflections

   ~ Chris Miller and Lionel Orchard

Review Quotes
Social Policy & Administration
"The book leaves the reader with a sense that without care being taken, policy becomes a dry husk, unable to cultivate social, economic, or environmental change in order for individuals or society to flourish. Consequently, this book will be of interest to policy makers and academics alike, both for its analysis of historical trends and in terms of prompting thought about future directions."
Geoff Gallop, University of Sydney

Australian Public Policy and its progressive version of the liberty/equality/community equation is a must read for social democrats looking to recharge their batteries.”

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