Living New World Monkeys (Platyrrhini), Volume 1

With an Introduction to Primates

Philip Hershkovitz

Living New World Monkeys (Platyrrhini), Volume 1

Philip Hershkovitz

1,132 pages | illustrations | © 1977
Cloth $234.00 ISBN: 9780226327884 Published December 1977
In this long-awaited work, Philip Hershkovitz provides the most thorough and comprehensive treatise ever published on New World monkeys. The volume gives a detailed account of the origin, evolution, dispersal, and behavior of platyrrhines and a systematic arrangement of all known forms, living and extinct. During an eleven-year period, Hershkovitz examined more than 3,100 museum-preserved specimens and relevant primate fossils and observed hundreds of animals in captivity and thousands in the wild state. He presents his results in an elegant and encyclopedic text, lavishly illustrated with 520 figures and 7 color plates.

Hershkovitz opens the study with a brief history and a definition, characterization, and comparison of primates as a taxonomic unit. Basing his work on nearly all known genera of living primates, the author deals with New World monkeys from comparative anatomical and evolutionary points of view. He examines display characters, pelage, the evolution of color patterns, primate locomotion, cranial and dental morphology, and the central nervous system.

The final and most extensive part of the volume is devoted to the taxonomy and biology of the family Callitrichidae, comprising marmosets and tamarins, and the family Callimiconidae, represented by the callimico alone. Hershkovitz concludes with an exhaustive bibliography of more than 2,500 published works and a gazetteer of essential geographic data.
Material and Acknowledgments
Part I - History and Evolutionary Biology
1. Origin, Evolution, and Definition
2. Families and Genera of Living Primates and Extinct Platyrrhines: A Reference List
3. Living Haplorhini and Strepsirhini Compared
4. Some Descriptive, Diagnostic, Quasi-diagnostic, and Primitive Mammalian Characters of Living Primates
5. Locomotion

Part II - Evolutionary and Comparative Morphology of New World Monkeys, Infraorder Platyrrhini
6. Geography and Platyrrhine-Catarrhine Relationships
7. Size and Evolution
8. Pelage
9. Tactile Vibrissae
10. Tegumentary Colors
11. Metachromism: Principle of Evolutionary Change in Tegumentary Colors
12. External Ear
13. Tongue
14. External Genitalia and Accessory Structures
15. Monkey Rickets (Osteomalacia) and Vitamin D
16. External Characters of Living New and Old World Monkeys Compared
17. External Characters of Living Platyrrhine Families Compared
18. Skull: 1. Introduction and Facial Region
19. Skull: 2. Orbits
20. Skull: 3. Interorbital Region
21. Skull: 4. Paranasal Pneumatizations
22. Skull: 5. Braincase
23. Skull: 6. Basicranium
24. Skull: 7. Temporal Bone, External Features
25. Skull: 8. Middle Ear Region
26. Skull: 9. Mandible
27. Skull: 10. New and Old World Haplorhines Compared
28. Skull: 11. Callitrichids, Callimiconids, and Cebids Compared
29. Skull: 12. Atlas of Tupaiid and Primate Skulls
30. Skull: 13. Cranial Points, Angles, Planes, and Measurements
31. Skull: 14. Explanation of Symbols and Abbreviations Used in Illustrations
32. Teeth: 1. Basic Crown Patterns and Cusp Hemologies
33. Teeth: 2. Platyrrhine Dental Evolution
34. Teeth: 3. Formulas
35. Teeth: 4. Dental Succession
36. Teeth: 5. Dental and Periodontal Diseases and Abnormalities in Callitrichidae
37. Teeth: 6. Living New and Old World Monkeys Compared
38. Teeth: 7. Living Platyrrhine Families Compared
39. Vision
40. Olfaction and Taste
41. Cerebral Hemispheres in Platyrrhines
42. Comparative Cerebral Characters: Living New and Old World Monkeys Compared
43. New World Monkey Parasites

Part III - Systematics, Evolution, and Biology of the Families Callitrichidae and Callimiconidae
44. Family Callitrichidae Thomas: Marmosets and Tamarins
45. Family Callitrichidae: 2. Diagnostic Characters
46. Family Callitrichidae: 3. Classification and Keys
47. Family Callitrichidae: 4. Biology
48. Genus Cebuella Gray: Pygmy Marmoset
49. Cebuella pygmaea Spix, Pygmy Marmoset:
1. History and Characters
50. Cebuella pygmae: 2. Biology
51. Genus Callithrix Erxleben, True Marmosets or Ouistitis
52. Callithrix jacchus Linnaeus, Tufted-ear Marmosets or Ouistitis: 1. History, Characters, Subspecies
53. Callithrix jacchus: 2. Biology of the Tufted-ear Marmoset or Ouistiti
54. Callithrix argentata Group, Bare-ear and Tassel-ear Marmosets
55. Callithrix argentata Linnaeus, Bare-ear Marmosets: 1. History, Characters and Subspecies
56. Callithrix argentata: 2. Biology of the Bare-ear Marmosets
57. Callithrix humeralifer E. Geoffroy, Tassel-ear Marmosets: History, Characters, Subspecies, and Biology
58. Genus Saguinus Hoffmannsegg, Tamarins: 1. History, Characters, and Key to Species Groups
59. Saguinus: 2. Hairy-face Tamarins: Characters, Taxonomy, and Key to Species Groups
60. Saguinus nigricollis Group, White-mouth Tamarins: 1. History, Characters, Evolution, and Key to Species
61. Saguinus nigricollis Spix, Back-mantle Tamarins
62. Saguinus fuscicollis Spix, Saddle-back Tamarins
63. Saguinus nigricollis Group: 2. Biology of White-mouth Tamarins
64. Saguinus mystax Group, Moustached Tamarins: 1. Characters, Evolution, and Key to Species and Subspecies
65. Saguinus labiatus E. Geoffroy, Red-chested Moustached Tamarins
66. Saguinus mystax Spix, Black-chested Moustached Tamarins
67. Saguinus imperator Goeldi, Emperor Moustached Tamarin
68. Saguinus mystax Group: 2. Biology of Moustached Tamarins
69. Saguinus midas Group, Midas Tamarins.
Saguinus midas Linnaeus; 1. Characters, History, Evolution, and Subspecies
70. Saguinus midas: 2. Biology of Midas Tamarins
71. Saguinus 3: Mottled-face Tamarin Group:
Saguinus inustus Schwarz
72. Saguinus 4: Bare-face Tamarins: History, Characters, and Key to Species and Subspecies
73. Saguinus bicolor Group. Saguinus bicolor Spix, Brazilian Bare-face Tamarins
74. Saguinus oedipus Group. Saguinus leucopus Günther, Silvery Brown Bare-face Tamarin
75. Saguinus oedipus Linnaeus, Crested Tamarins: 1. History, Characters, Evolution, and Subspecies
76. Saguinus oedipus: 2. Biology of Crested Bare-face Tamarins
77. Genus Leontopithecus Lesson, Lion-tamarins
78. Leontopithecus rosalia Linnaeus, Lion-tamarins: 1. History, Characters, Evolution, and Subspecies
79. Leontopithecus rosalia: 2. Biology of Lion-tamarins
80. Family Callimiconidae Dollman, Callimico: History, Systematic Position, and Characters
81. Genus Callimico Miranda Ribeiro, Callimico
82. Callimico Goeldii Thomas, Callimicos, Goeldi’s Monkey: 1. History, Characters, and Evolution
83. Callimico goeldii: 2. Biology of Callimico

Appendix: Tables of Measurements
Literature Cited
Author Index
Index of Biotic Names
Subject Index

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