[UCP Books]: The Politics of Petulance America in an Age of Immaturity

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“A withering broadside against the immaturity that infests American politics, revealing itself in populism and demagoguery. Both the left and the right take it on the chin in this tough-minded analysis by Wolfe. . . . Though Wolfe sometimes wants to have it both ways and may be too trusting of the motives of elites, this is a persuasive and alarming book.”

Kirkus Reviews



The Politics of Petulance

America in an Age of Immaturity

Alan Wolfe



Publication date: October 9, 2018  
International publication date: October 9, 2018 $25.00/£18.00



“Wolfe reminds readers to treat every vote as if the future of democracy depends on it—because it does. He also offers sage advice: distrust politicians who only promise good news, trust experts, and avoid conspiracy theorizing.”

Library Journal


“Wisdom is rare, political wisdom more so. Written with characteristic lucidity and deep care for democracy’s future, Alan Wolfe’s mobilization of intellectual heroes and acute observations about popular suspicion and populist politics, narcissistic leadership and irresponsible simplification, offers an uncommon exception. By instructing and inspiring, this book’s quest for democratic maturity will stimulate rich conversation about knowledge and responsibility, not only within the academy but well beyond.”

Ira Katznelson, author of Fear Itself: The New Deal and the Origins of Our World



Alan Wolfe is professor emeritus of political science at Boston College and the author of twenty-two books, including One Nation, After All and The Future of Liberalism.  He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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