[UCP Books]: Beyond Weird: Why Everything You Thought You Knew about Quantum Physics is Different

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“Easily the best book I’ve read on the subject.”

Washington Post


Beyond Weird

Why Everything You Thought You Knew about Quantum Physics is Different

Philip Ball



Publication date: October 23, 2018 $26.00



“An excellent account of modern quantum theory and the efforts being made to harness its effects.”



“A clear and deeply researched account of what’s known about the quantum laws of nature, and how to think about what they might really mean.”



“User-friendly yet thorough. . . . Replacing ‘obscure terminology’ with accessible ideas and drawings, Ball makes would-be physicists of us all.”

Foreword Reviews


“It would be easy to think ‘Surely we don't need another book on quantum physics.’ There are loads of them. . . . Don’t be fooled, though—because in Beyond Weird, Philip Ball has done something rare in my experience. . . it makes an attempt not to describe quantum physics, but to explain why it is the way it is.”

PopScience Books


“The intention of Beyond Weird, though, is not simply to provide a dummy’s guide to the theory, but to explore its underlying meaning. . . . To tackle the question, he weighs up the competing interpretations, and the misconceptions, that have attached themselves to quantum theory in its 100-year history, finishing with more recent attempts to rebuild the theory 'from scratch', and new ideas that offer tantalising glimpses beyond.”

Times of London


Philip Ball is a writer, author, and broadcaster, and was formerly an editor at Nature. His writing on scientific subjects has appeared in places ranging from New Scientist to the New York Times. He lives in London.


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