[UCP Books]: This Radical Land: A Natural History of American Dissent by Daegan Miller

In a tradition that runs from Thoreau to Solnit, tracing a secret history of dissent . . .


“Inventive. . . . A creative linking of landscape and radicalism.”


Publishers Weekly



A Natural History of American Dissent

By Daegan Miller



Publication date: April 2, 2018  
International publication date: April 16, 2018 $30.00/£21.00



“A debut book that ranges across disciplines and decades to connect the natural environment—especially long-lived trees—to a scathing critique of American-style capitalism. Alternating abstract theory with impressive research, both bolstered by extensive sources . . . the author builds his case about understanding American history by examining destruction of the environment through essays grounded in the 19th century. . . . He offers an eclectic education often marked by soaring prose.”



“Drawing on superb scholarly detective work, This Radical Land tells fascinating stories about the history of our ties to the land that give us an alternative to viewing natural spaces as either a resource to exploit or a wilderness museum for the privileged. Miller peels back the history to reveal that, however ignored, Americans have always resisted the exploitation of nature. Perhaps his more nuanced environmental history will inspire those today who, continuing the mute protest of the witness tree, would pull the planet back from the brink of death.”

Richard Higgins, author of Thoreau and the Language of Trees


“Daegan Miller rekindles a legacy of environmental dissent. The ideas and landscapes of nineteenth-century ‘countermoderns’ are signposts, still legible, to alternative futures. This book bears witness like a burning bush.”

Jared Farmer, author of Trees in Paradise: A California History


Daegan Miller has taught at Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and his writing has appeared in a variety of venues, from academic journals to literary magazines. He is on Twitter at @daeganmiller.



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