[UCP Books]: RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR: In Search of the Soul of the Sea by Philip Hoare

Nothing of him that doth fade,

But doth suffer a sea-change

Into something rich and strange.


“So well written, so impassioned, so aqua-obsessed that after reading it you may actually want to drown.”

John Waters

“[Hoare’s] writing is quite untrammeled by convention and opens up astonishing views at every turn.”

W. G. Sebald




In Search of the Soul of the Sea

By Philip Hoare



Publication date: April 10, 2018 $20.00 



“This is a book that is at once nature writing, memoir, literary criticism, travelogue and elegy. Like Sebald, the glue that binds it together is the narrative voice, a lonely, antique, erudite voice that speaks in long sentences studded with semi-colons; something liquid, tidal about the surge and flow of the words. . . . The passages that burn brightest here in the reader’s mind are those in which the author turns his focus fully on his own life amid the waves. . . . Rarely have I read a book that felt as if it were speaking so directly, so confidentially to me. RISINGTIDFALLINGSTAR is about books and about swimming, but most of all it does what all great books do: makes you feel that it’s a private conversation between you and the author. I finished it with an obscure feeling of privilege, to have been granted such access to Hoare’s most secret, intimate self. . . . RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR is a masterpiece.”
 The Guardian


Philip Hoare is the author of seven books of nonfiction, including The Sea InsideThe Whale, and biographies of Noel Coward and Stephen Tennant. He lives in Southampton and on Cape Cod.



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